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What is up with this week?! I am just so exhausted when I come home and honestly, as much as I have been wanting to blog, I can barely keep my eyes open. Hopefully I'm not anemic or something because it is incredibly irritating to feel exhausted when you have things to do!

Thermal polishes are some of my favourite polishes and what makes a GOOD thermal is how drastic the colour change is between the two temperatures. If the colour goes from red to a lighter red I will not be impressed. Now, I normally have incredibly good luck with polishes from Born Pretty, but in the case of the Peel Off Color Changing Thermal Nail Polish in A026* the change was unfortunately less than subtle.

Born Pretty Thermal Color Changing Polish Yellow to Green Swatch

Normally, I would have one photo with the "cold" and one with the "hot", but I honestly saw no difference when the polish was on my nails. In the photo below I have just run my nails under cold water so you can see the hints of lime green on the tips of the ring and pinky nails. Yellow is a tough colour for most people to pull off and believe me, I felt like I should have been part of the Electric Circus crew circa 1999 when I was wearing this polish.

Born Pretty Thermal Color Changing Polish Yellow to Green Swatch

If I were to grade this as just a polish, thermal properties aside, it took 3 coats to reach a decent opacity. The glitter needed a bit of coaxing, but in the end wound up fairly even on the nail. The other property of this polish is that it is a peel-off one! I can safely say that yes, it peeled off quite easily and lasted just over a day and half on my nails as one nail fully came off in the shower which made me peel the rest of the off! Oddly enough, the peeled remnants immediately turned BRIGHT lime green. I didn't want to take a photo of those peely bits because I think they are kind of gross to look at even though it's just nail polish...

Born Pretty Thermal Color Changing Polish Yellow to Green Swatch

This colour was a bit of a miss for me, but the other colour I reviewed was awesome (here) so I will just owe it to a miss in formulation. Born Pretty is still my favourite place for nail art supplies so I won't let this polish get me down!

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