NAILS | Marimekko-Inspired Blue Flowers #ManiMonday

Last weekend, I attended a "camping wedding" in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and wore a white dress with blue swirly flowers on it. The dress was a bit short and it seems that my blood has become yummy for mosquitoes in my 30s so my legs and have been recovering from the many MANY mosquito bites that happened. On the plus side, I did manage to do my nails to match my dress (for those who caught a little sneak peak on my Twitter account last week)! I have been wanting to a Marimekko-inspired design ever since one my friends commented that my Remembrance Day nails (here) looked a lot like them. All of this was created using a large dotting tool so there wasn't too much to it!  

Marimekko Blue Flower Nail Art

For my base, I used two coats of OPI Infinite Shine - Non Stop White* and then dotted on the blue petals with OPI - My Pal Joey*. For the flower centers, I dotted on large circles using OPI Infinite Shine - Bee Mine Forever*. I waited until everything was completely dry and applied my favourite top coat. Waiting is important in dotting manicures because the amount of polish in a dot is a little more than with other nail art so the whole manicure generally takes much longer to dry. It is well worth the wait though because my heart just SINKS when I see my top coat starting to smear the design.    

Marimekko Blue Flower Nail Art

And, you're done!

I will be on a bit of a staycation this week getting organized for the blog, my place and just taking it easy so you will probably see a lot more of me lurking on your blogs (for those that have them) and/or on your social media!

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