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If you had asked me to try coconut oil-pulling a couple of years ago, I probably would have had some sort of snarky, hippie-hating response, but after giving a coconut oil a try in cooking, as a moisturizer and even a healthy treat for my kitty, I felt ready to give oil-pulling or swishing a try. Though I love the smell of coconut oil, there is something about just putting it in my mouth that I couldn't quite adjust to as my favourite part about toothpaste is that refreshing minty taste. I once bought BACON dental floss and let's just say I never bought it again! 

Kismet Coco Rinse Oil Pulling Review

Back in September, local Vancouver company, Kismet Essentials, asked if I would be interested in trying out their 14 Day Coco Rinse Oil Pulling Kit*($29.99 CDN) and while I always have a soft spot for companies in my neighborhood, I also really liked the fact that this rinse had organic peppermint flavour which made the whole rinsing idea much more palatable. Each box comes with 14 packets of Coco Rinse, one for each day for 2 weeks.

Kismet Coco Rinse Oil Pulling Review

Oil pulling or swishing is an Ayurvedic practice where oil is swished in the mouth to pull out toxins, whiten teeth and improve overall oral and systemic health. When it comes to oral health, oil pulling is believed to prevent bacterial growth thereby helping with gingivitis, plaque build-up and bad breath. While I personally did not experience much of a change when it came to the rest of my body, oil pulling is also believed to reduce headaches and keep skin clear and supple. There seem to be mixed beliefs when it comes to the scientific merits of oil pulling with the mechanism of action being relatively unresearched and unsupported. While most agree that oil pulling can't be a bad thing, the consensus is that it should not replace basic brushing and flossing of the teeth and is more of an enhancement to your oral care routine.

I am not the most comfortable with even swishing around mouthwash for 30 seconds so when I saw that Coco Rinse wanted me to do it for 5-20 minutes, I honestly did not think I was going to make it. Each packet of Coco Rinse contains 10mL of oil and for the first week, I could not hold 10mL of product in my mouth! It felt odd like it was all going to spill out! I had a look at the beginner's guide to oil pulling on the Kismet website and I was relieved to see that this wasn't unusual. I was swishing about 5mL of product which turned out to be fine and eventually worked my way up to the full 10mL! 

Kismet Coco Rinse Oil Pulling Review

The second thing I struggled with was what to do to pass the time while swishing. Turns out that what worked best for me is swishing in the shower because I easily spend 10 minutes in the shower and then combined with my skin and hair routines, 20 minutes goes by FAST. It made me realize how much time I spend beautifying myself! The actual swishing motion is fairly gentle and should not tire out your jaw or tongue. I think of ocean waves and that sort of helps me decide on a "swish speed"!

The taste of Coco Rinse is actually quite yummy! If there were chocolates that tasted like this, I would totally eat them! After spitting out the coconut oil into a garbage can (it can clog drains once it solidifies), your breath feels pleasantly refreshed and not super icy like with mouthwash. I find mouthwash refreshing to a point where it BURNS which is part of my issue with it.

As for whether my teeth got whiter, they lightened in very subtle and natural way. The way I tested this was to grab a lavender lipstick and try it on as it normally makes my teeth look very yellow. Yes, the lipstick looked a little better on me, but I only noticed a subtle difference which was to be expected considering how gentle coconut oil is. As for the more systemic benefits, my skin is generally pretty good and I suppose I have been getting fewer headaches at work, but I feel like I am pulling at strings a little by saying the use of coconut oil is the reason. Perhaps there could be a correlation, but I can't say for sure.

Final verdict: For the subtle whitening aspects and taste alone, this kit isn't a bad way to go. I find other whitening products quite harsh so having something gentle that still works is much more in my comfort zone. The mint flavour also made the whole oil pulling process a lot more palatable so if you would like to try oil pulling, but the taste of coconut oil alone is not your thing, Coco Rinse is a great option!

Kismet Coco Rinse Oil Pulling Review

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