HOLIDAY | Mary Kay Limited Edition Be Delighted Collection and Satin Hands Pampering Gift Sets

Let the holiday season begin! I always find blogging at this time of year a bit of a challenge because I am never sure if I can insert "normal" stuff amongst all of the holiday gift sets, limited editions and gift ideas. I mean, it can't ALL be holiday for the next two months right? While I am pondering this, I have been trying out some sweetly-scented goodies from the new and limited edition Mary Kay Be Delighted Collection with notes of Fuji apple, raspberry chiffon and tonka bean. If you like sweet scents, this will be your anthem until the end of 2016!

Mary Kay Be Delighted Holiday Collection Review

The Be Delighted Body Mousse and Body Wash Gift Set* ($36.00 CDN) is a duo that complement each other nicely as the body wash is sweetly scented, but fairly standard when it comes to shower gels. It is quite thick though as it is more like a stiff cream than a "gel". When you squeeze, the contents can stand vertically on its own! The scent disappears relatively quickly which is when the body mousse comes to the rescue! Initially, the thickness feels like it will never absorb into the skin, but then it starts to melt as you slowly massage the product into the skin and you have a silky finish. I was definitely NOT expecting that as I was expecting to be sticky for an hour after application!

What was nice about the Be Delighted Shimmer Mist* ($18.00 CDN) was that as glittery as it looked in the bottle, the effects were quite tame with just subtle silvery pieces of glitter appearing on the skin. Other than that, I wasn't a huge fan of this product because the spray came out very concentrated and wet feeling instead of like the fine "mist" I was expecting. 

Mary Kay Be Delighted Holiday Collection Review

Mary Kay Be Delighted Shimmer Mist Review

Mary Kay Be Delighted Body Wash Review

Oh, Satin Hands. I have been using the Satin Hands and Lips line since I was first introduced to Mary Kay 10 years ago and one big thing that I am VERY happy about this year is the removal of polyethylene from the hand scrub! Even though I received the hand scrub in previous PR packages, I have thrown them out because I just couldn't do it to the environment and our water supply. This year, I will happily use the hand scrubs as the polyethylene beads have been replaced with hydrated silica which is a safer alternative to PE. This year there are are two gift sets to spoil your loved ones (or yourself!) with: the White Tea and Citrus* and Fragrance-Free Satin Hands Pampering Sets* ($51.00 CDN each)

Mary Kay Satin Hands Holiday Gift Set

Each set includes: a satin smoothie hand scrub blended with shea butter, a protecting softener that moisturizes and preps skin for exfoliation and the famous quick absorbing, non-greasy hand cream. The White Tea and Citrus set smells more like white tea than citrus, but I prefer it to the unscented version. The scrubs I LOVE as before ANY manicure,, I give my hands a good exfoliation. The protecting softener is something I don't really use, but if you have more mature hands or sensitive skin, then maybe this softener is an option.

Mary Kay Satin Hands Holiday Gift Set
Would you guys prefer constant holiday posts or some normalcy in between?

The Mary Kay Be Delighted Collection and Satin Hands Pampering Hands Gift Sets are available now through your independant Mary Kay consultant.

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