NAILS | Pink, Grey and Studded with Duri Cosmetics #ManiMonday

I am beyond excited to be sharing my very first Duri polishes here! When I first started doing my nails, I never planned on blogging or sharing my hobby with anyone other than my husband and cats. I used to read mainly nail polish blogs and would come across all sorts of exotic sounding brands that I could never seem to find locally or at a reasonable price online. I remember seeing one nail blogger using Duri polishes along with their most well-known product, Rejuvacote, a nail treatment that preserves the life of your mani in addition to stimulating nail growth and fortifying nail strength. After seeing swatch after swatch of these gorgeous polishes, I knew that one day, they would be mine! 

When I was contacted by Duri to collaborate on a couple of nail art posts my eyes went all big and "Anime-esque"! I received a couple of polishes from a few of my favourite collections and will basically be running wild with a couple of designs over the coming weeks. This first design is fast and straightforward with the combination of bright pink and dark grey reminding me of how Summer meets Fall. 

To do the "split" part of this mani, I started off by using Iron Curtain*, from the "From Russia with Love" collection and using the side of the polish bush to roughly draw a line in the middle of my nail. I have found that going in blindly with guessing where the middle of your nail is can result in some HIGHLY asymmetrical looks. Then I went in with two coats of the bright pink Anna Karenina*, from the same collection. Both polishes had PERFECT opacity and coverage while I found that the brush carried a bit more polish than other brushes I have used, so go slowly with application and clean-up should be minimal. While the polish was still wet, I applied small square studs to go right down the middle. What's nice about this design is that if your line down the middle wasn't straight, the studs fix that!  

Also, a tip for laying out studs: start at the tip of the nail and go back to the cuticle. Don't be silly like me and start at the cuticle and then have to rearrange all of the studs when you realize the last stud is hanging over the edge of your nail!

Finish it all with a shiny top coat and you are done!

Duri Cosmetics is currently available in these locations and only in Quebec and Ontario in Canada. Hopefully Duri will be carried in all provinces soon! 

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