NAILS | (GREEN) Day 4 of the 31DC2016 with CND Vinylux Emerald Lights

I've decided to try and keep up with all those crazy nail art challenges I took on until December where I will go FULL CHRISTMAS with my nail art. Will there be Stormtroopers again as the next Star Wars installment comes out? Hmmm! I'll resume the challenges in 2017 as I always like to have inspiration on what to create next. I mean, if it weren't for the theme "Border" for the BCD Challenge, I never would have come up with those plant cell nails, which I think are my favourite for this year! Today's inspiration is "Green" and how perfect is it that I just got CND Vinylux - Emerald Lights* from this year's holiday collection! 

CND Vinylux Emerald Lights

I actually really love CND polishes and feel like I don't talk about this brand nearly enough on Cosmetic Proof. Every collection they release has solid colours and professional looking shades and when I saw Emerald Lights, my eyes lit up. I love green and glitter so I had my fingers crossed that this polish would be wonderfully opaque and packed full of glitter!

I started by applying another brand new product from CND as my base coat, the RidgeFx Nail Surface Enhancer*, which instantly gives your nails a matte, smooth surface that is virtually void of imperfections. Nails look healthier and for me, I tend to have yellowish hue to my nails because of the amount of polish I put on every week. I applied two coats of Emerald Lights, which is a stunning dark green based polish with green microglitter. See, green polish CAN be sophisticated!

CND Vinylux Emerald Lights

I finished off the manicure with a "fishtail" French tip using CND Vinylux - Brass Button* from the Fall Craft Culture collection. I sealed it all in with the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat* and I was done! I love green and gold together for the holidays! It makes me think of trees and tinsel! Meanwhile, my husband said my nails reminded him of beetles because of the green...I guess I get it.

CND Vinylux Emerald Lights

CND polishes are available at all CND salons and Nail Polish Canada!

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