BATH & BODY | Avon "Fall for Moisture" A Box

It's getting to that time of the year where alligator legs and peeling cuticles are all the rage and hydration and moisture your best friends. Avon's Fall for Moisture A Box Collection* features body and hand care products that will ensure your skin never sees a dry patch ever again! 

Avon Fall for Moisture A Box

Avon's Moisture Therapy Line has always been a reliable one for me when it comes to basic moisturizing and has little to no scent. For extra dry skin, the Intensive Healing & Repair series is your best bet with the Hand Cream being one of my favourite hand creams on the market as not only are your hands not greasy after application, but they feel smooth like they have had makeup primer applied to them except there is no silicone! The matching Body Wash is pretty standard, but the Body Lotion is surprisingly light and texture for a moisturizer that seals everything in!

Avon Fall for Moisture A Box

Next up, is actually one of my most used nail products and it is the Avon True Color Cuticle Conditioner! Don't get me wrong, I love the pamper factor of a cuticle OIL, but if I'm typing or doing anything other than lounging, the oil can take a long time to absorb. I also "prep" my cuticles if I am taking nail photos and I HATE the glare that oil can give so this is the PERFECT solution. This is hydrating, but has a matte finish. Just be careful if you have a matte top coat on though - it can make it turn shiny which made me want to scream once.

We cannot forget about SPF even in the winter time and I am guilty of not protecting my lips, but having this Lip Conditioner Sunscreen Lipstick has helped me remember because I use it as a primer for all of my lipsticks! It has a very slight pearly-nude tint, but feels like a lip balm. It's good stuff!

Avon Fall for Moisture A Box

The Fall for Moisture Collection is available now through your neighbourhood Avon rep.

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