NAILS | Cozy Winter Nail Art with KISS Accent Stickers

I missed ManiMonday this week. The first time in 2 years! Yes, I had some swatch photos that I could have used, but they weren't Christmas themed and it's all about Christmas and ONLY Christmas now! Vancouver had its first real snowfall yesterday and as always the city was caught completely off guard so bridges were closed and transit was massively delayed. Luckily, this is my weekend so I happily watched the havoc from inside my apartment!

I still have a number of winter polishes and manicure to share over the next week and honestly I have no idea if I will have the time to paint my nails almost every day so it's possible that some things might have to wait until next year especially the WhatsUp nail vinyls I had ordered. I am sad that I have only had a chance to use one so far. 

Kiss Accent Stickers Nail Art

I was planning on doing a more involved set of nails last night, but I started making risotto and then ended up eating later than I had planned so I realized that it was time to bring out the Holiday decals! Way back in the summer, KISS had an event here in Vancouver debuting some of their Fall designs and I suddenly remembered that there were Holiday designs as well!

I decided to use the "Yuletide" Accent Stickers* with a dark base as the stickers were either white or silver. Using two coats of Dior Amethyst* from the Precious Rocks Holiday collection, I applied the stickers with tweezers.

Dior Amethyst Precious Rocks Swatch

Once everything was on, I applied a layer of top coat and that was it! I like the ease of stickers, but the only thing that makes me gravitate towards water decals more is how much more flat a water decal lays on the nail. With these guys, you may have to use extra top coat to make sure you have a completely smooth finish. For whatever reason, some of the stickers started to lift at the edges after I applied top coat so now they won't stop catching in my hair...

Kiss Accent Stickers Nail Art

Nonetheless, the stickers were cute and the polish divine! You can find KISS at major drugstores across Canada.

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