HOLIDAY | Relive your Childhood Birthdays with the Sephora Collection La Pinata

What a CUTE idea! We all loved smashing pinatas to bits as kids to get candy and treats so why should this have to change now that we are adults? Granted, you can't smash this, but the fox head Sephora Collection La Pinata* ($38 CDN) is filled with 10 Sephora Collection beauty goodies ranging from makeup to skincare! Don't take a bat to this pinata though! Instead, tug on the pink and white ribbons to reveal all of your holiday treats!  

Sephora Collection La Pinata

In terms of value, from what I was able to find, the products in this pinata are valued at around $60. I was not able to find pricing for a few items, but we can safely say that at regular price, you are getting more than $38 of product.

I thought we would go from least to most exciting so starting with the Ribbon Hair Tie, I now have enough of these ouchless hair ties to last me a lifetime as there was a period two years ago when beauty boxes were giving them out like candy. They ARE quite effective at holding up hair without leaving a harsh hair dent or pulling hair out.

The Mini Nail Buffer is actually something I would use and is better than a nail file as ya'll know I like to do my nails. The Mascara in Ultra Black is all about volume, length and definition, but as I have used this mascara before and not remembered much about it, it probably was in the average, not so memorable range for me.

Sephora Collection La Pinata

I love masks so seeing both the Avocado Eye Mask ($6.00 CDN) and Lotus Sleeping Mask ($5.00 CDN) was quite exciting! These masks come in many varieties and have become a Sephora staple! I have not tried either so I look forward to testing out these and many more!

When the one-use creamy body washes came out, I just thought they were so expensive for what they were even though I understood the convenience of having a sealed capsule of shower gel. They do seem very cute to receive and made great gift "fillers" though I can no longer find these on the website nor in store. The scent in this pinata is Cotton Flower though I remember quite a number to choose from.

Sephora Collection La Pinata

I have just gotten into lip masks so seeing the Shea Lip Mask ($4.00 CDN) was fun (even though the Sephora ratings aren't very good...) as well as a holiday red Creamy Lip Stain ($18.00 CDN) to use right after! The other product that was interesting was the Fingertip Eyeliner (~$10.00 CDN) which came out last year and is actually no longer sold. Apparently, the art of lining is a piece of cake when using this baby!

Finally we have Cotton Flower Fizzing Cube which frankly looks a bit small for an entire bath, but does smell quite fragrant so maybe it's small, but potent!

Sephora Collection La Pinata

Basically, you've got a bit of everything in this pinata with most of the items being a winner for me and a few being sort of so-so. The masks were definitely my favourite!

It's sad, but this is currently sold out now online, but perhaps La Pinata is available at certain stores? Snag it if you are looking for a fun little novelty gift because the fox head is also pretty cute!

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