NAILS | Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Christmas Style)

Star Wars Episode 8 comes out today and just like when Episode 7 came out in 2015, it only seemed fitting to do another tribute to a series that I have seen in theaters since I was little girl and continue to love well into my adult years (I use lightsabre cutlery at work and have an ugly Christmas sweater with Darth Vader on it). As Star Wars is opening during the holiday season again, we need to add a seasonal twist to our beloved characters!

Christmas Star Wars Nail Art

Start with a silvery base on three of the nails using two coats of OPI I Drive a Supernova* from last years Starlight collection and a two coats of a black base on the ring finger with OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends* from the Hello Kitty collection.

Christmas Star Wars Nail Art

  • Use a white polish like Essence Wild White Ways* for his robot body
  • Using a small nail art brush, draw the top of his head with Essence Rock My World!* and Essence Grey Zone*
  • Use a dotting tool to create the little circles and the polishes Grey Zone*, Never Have Too Mani Friends* and Wild White Ways*
  • Finish with orange accents using OPI Infinite Shine No Tan Lines*


  • Draw a half circle using a dark brown polish like Urban Decay Extra Bitter
  • Use a small nail art brush to draw the lighter parts of Chewie's fur using a nude polish like Essie Brooch the Subject
  • You can draw on his face with either black acrylic paint or polish

Captain Phasma

  • Draw a half circle with the light grey polish Grey Zone and then paint over with a silver holo polish like Glitter Gal's Silver 3D
  • Draw on the rest of the face with either black acrylic paint or polish

Darth Vader
  • Draw a half circle using Never Have Too Mani Friends
  • Draw on the rest of the face with Grey Zone and Rock My World

Draw on Santa hats with RGB Red and dot on the white lining with Wild White Ways.

Christmas Star Wars Nail Art

Once everything is dry, protect your design with top coat and you are done! (Hubby also wanted me to mention that he is very proud of himself for building this Lego Yoda)

Are you a Star Wars fan? Will you be seeing the movie? 

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