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I love how just as I am in the process of putting together this post, summer hits in Vancouver and I kid you not, it was 17 degrees when I left for work this morning! All I needed was a very light cardigan and by afternoon I was pretty much sweltering! Nevertheless, maybe some of you will still enjoy these products if you struggle with drier skin or you can add these favourites of mine to your winter wishlist!

Dry Skin Products

Some PR samples featured

Starting with sheet masks (obviously), I narrowed it down to five masks for easy reading, but I'm sure if you guys let me do a top 20 I could probably name more masks, but for now let's stick with these ones!

Dry Skin Products

The Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask is not only pretty to wear with its flowery pattern, but comes in two parts and is cream on one side. It's not messy though with the cream sticking to your skin and the flowery side sealing everything. This mask can easily be worn for 30 minutes and when time is up, just massage the cream in like a rich moisturizer with a beautiful finish!

The Julep Triple Quench Deep Hydration Sheet Mask System  is a biocellulose mask I have reviewed and not only do I love the three step aspect (essence, mask and sleeping pack), but the actual mask fits so well and is incredibly hydrating. Finishing it off with a sleeping pack has given my skin such a boost and was so nice to use while I was traveling because I had a complete skincare routine in one product! I should also add that all three steps are silicone-free! If you are a fan of biocellulose, then For Beloved One's Extreme Hydration Biocellulose Mask* is going to be your best friend! This is one of the thickest masks I have used, but it also has an incredible fit and is like moisture on a whole other level! These are pretty expensive at about $25 each so these are a real treat for when your skin really needs that boost.

I talk about MaskerAide SO MUCH and though I adore Detox Diva and All Nighter, when it comes to cream sheet masks that don't leave a sticky finish, Beauty Rest'ore* and I Don't Wanna Grow Up* are amazing options! I have a few of these on reserve for airplane or extra dry skin moments because you just never know! 

Dry Skin Products

When it came to body products, I could have gone crazy too, but right now I am really feeling these three textures: oils, gels and creams! Starting with a longtime favourite of mine, when it comes to body oils, I didn't fall in love with them until I worked for Tata Harper and was introduced to the Revitalizing Body Oil* which is one of THE richest body oils I own though it takes a bit of time, absorbs beautifully into my skin. I love the scent, the texture, but not the pump...the pump is too long and can get a bit messy. I would rather pour it out.

When it comes to fun textures, the new Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel* is an engima because it is a pink jelly that slowly sort of melts into an oil. I could turn this container upside down and the jelly would stay intact, but once body heat hits it, that's when the magic happens! You only need a tiiiiiny bit so this 100mL jar is going to last me a lifetime and because this is so hydrating, I only use this gel on the driest parts of my body like my heels, lower legs, elbows and lately my cuticles.

When it comes to a classic cream moisturizer, I have got to say Palmer's Body Cream* is easy with no frills. It has a light coconut scent and is very hydrating. I have no complaints about this product because it's just how a moisturizer should be!

Dry Skin Products

Haha, so obviously with skincare I had a hard time narrowing it down, but all of these are such lovely products that it seemed only appropriate that I share them all starting with The Serums!

I won't talk about the May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon too much as I have already reviewed it in full, but even at its luxurious price of almost $250, my two year old pot is still going strong and is one of the most beautiful multipurpose products I own for it is a moisturizer, beauty balm, serum, face oil and "skin-calmer-downer"! In the same category of serums that are oils comes Rocky Mountain Soap Company's Calming Face Serum* which I love because of its lavender scent. It is such a nice serum to use just before you are going to bed and also gives my skin an amazing radiance as it is an oil-based serum.

A recent new Canadian brand from Montreal I was introduced to is Fey Cosmetics which specializes in serums made without petrochemicals, artificial preservatives, glycols, phtalates, parabens and of course as natural and organic as ingredients can get while still being effective. Their specialty is using low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which I adore because who doesn't want hyaluronic acid penetrating deep into their stratum corneum! I have been using the Eclat serum for about a month and it has an interesting texture in that it starts off almost foamy, then becomes a bit sticky and then all of sudden it all settles down and the finish is immediately non-sticky. It has actually been a great serum to use underneath sheet masks, but not the best in the mornings as it tends to pill underneath my foundation. Oh, and more importantly, the inner glow from this serum is real!

Finally, in the category of moisturizers, I have been loving the simplicity of the Kariderm Moisturizing Protective Cream* with its organic shea butter and how light it feels for something with shea butter. Lastly, if I am in need of aromatherapy and a delicious face oil that intensely hydrates, Even Tide Restorative Face Oil is what I have been loving and features rose, lavender, wild carrot and rosehip seed oils to regenerate and restore radiance. This oil is pretty intense so this is for the very parched!

Well, that ended up being longer that I had expected, but I would love to hear if you have tried any of these products and what your experience was!

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