NAILS | Pretty & Polished Clouds in My Coffee #UntriedThursdays

My two week staycation was amazing and it's not that I took the time off to relax, but with my husband gone, it gave me just over a week to declutter and make a mess without worrying about disturbing him since he has asthma and the dust can really upset his lungs. I also needed to use HIS desk as extra space to lay out everything for my decluttering so it really did work out. I still have a lot left to do, but I made a massive dent and gave away so much stuff that I can finally see the floor of my office as well as other surfaces! One area that I have not even touched because I know how long it will take to do is decluttering NAIL POLISH. When I first started blogging, indie nail polish was in its heyday so I have A TON of beautiful indie nail polishes from a number of brands that now cease to exist. I don't want to just give them away without trying them first so I am going to attempt TWO manicures a week - #CBBxManiMonday and #UntriedThursdays!

Pretty & Polished Clouds in My Coffee Swatch

Purchased by me SO LONG AGO

The indie brand Pretty & Polished was huge from 2011 - 2015 for me with the founder, Chels, even creating a custom thermal nail polish to match my mint green wedding dress as well as favours for my guests. She holds a special place in my heart, but even though she still has a few polishes, she just announced this past June that she will be shutting down her Etsy shop and saying goodbye. I have many untried polishes from P&P so I will share them here in a selfish way so that I can see them glorified in a blog post and you all can see what fun polishes Chels made!

Pretty & Polished Clouds in My Coffee Swatch

I *may* also use this #UntriedThursdays space to rant about random things alongside beautiful polish swatches, but nothing too dramatic. Though I love a good conversation, the Internet is a callous place sometimes and even I catch myself saying things online I would never say to a stranger in person so I'd rather keep it all fairly positive. Unless we talk about KVD and anti-vaxxers and how she will never be featured on here again. Don't even get me started on her. It's really a shame because I love her Tattoo Liner, but thankfully IT Cosmetics and Stila both have great eyeliners that I am more than happy with! 

Pretty & Polished Clouds in My Coffee Swatch

As for this polish, it's a bit weird. I thought I would like that creamy coffee aspect of it, but it isn't the best shade on my skin tone. It just looks washed out so I think this will go in the "Donate" pile, but I am glad that I wore it once!

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