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It's a shame I didn't make it to the Lush store before I shot these photos because what started out as a fraction of products sent by PR has become a more "well-rounded" collection via "Jayne going to the mall on her lunch break" as of yesterday afternoon! I just couldn't resist and I don't think I am alone when I say that the Lush Christmas Collection is always a tough one to resist whether it's for yourself or for gifts! This year did not disappoint so let's dive right into bath bomb bubbly goodness!

Lush Christmas Collection
 PR samples featured

Lush Christmas Collection

Snow Fairy is an iconic Lush Christmas scent and when I first discovered it for myself back in 2011, I was immediately taken by its delectable sweetness. What started out as just a shower gel is now also a solid shower gel (along with MANY other forms of Snow Fairy) which was introduced about 2 years ago to save on packaging. This does not disappear as quickly as a regular bar of soap (believe me, I was working on one for months!) but lathers all the same and of course smells just as scrumptious while adding a little extra hydration to the skin!

Satsuma Bar Soap*
Lush Christmas Collection

I love the smell of oranges so the Satsuma soap was an easy one to enjoy with its mix of orange, tangerine and bergamot. I especially love the little pockmark detailing and the fact that I am using a round soap. It's surprisingly ergonomic to hold in the shower! One thing I did notice and it looks like others have mentioned in the reviews is that Lush is never afraid of colour so this soap does give off an orange colour that got on the walls so make sure you rinse off the walls too!

Galaxy Lip Scrub*
Lush Galaxy Lip Scrub

In theory, this should have been a fun scrub. With its tart raspberry scent reminiscent of childhood sour candies, I was expecting to love this, but firstly, with all Lush lip scrubs you can choose to either rinse off or LICK off the excess product. This did not taste that great. It tasted good at first and then became quite artificial. My biggest issue with this particular lip scrub is that it leaves my lips tinged blue! I look a little corpse-like afterwards and though it eventually wears off, I have never experienced this with any of the other Lush lip scrubs. I think blue colouring is just very potent!

Snowman Bath Oil Tablet*
Lush Snowman Bath Oil Tablet

I tried one of the Lush bath oils once and really enjoyed it so I thought this tablet was just the cutest! There are a few bath oil tablets, but as I love citrus, this one is a blend of Sicilian lemon and lemon myrtle oil and will perk you up! Lush bath oils are also incredibly softening for the skin and I never have to use moisturizer afterwards. Oh, and the string that's on the tablet is for you to hang on top of the faucet so that as your are filling your tub the tablet gets dissolved evenly! I hope Lush does more of these because I love the concept!

Fly Me to the Moon Amazeball*
Lush Bath Bomb

This and the next bath bomb are one of those innovative Lush products with multiple parts and bells and whistles. This is a UFO with a little cap that pops off, but is also a bath bomb that gives a purple cocoa butter citrus swirl. These are big bath bombs so you can definitely get two baths out of this!

Snow Fairy Amazeball*
Lush Snow Fairy Bath Bomb

Since I love the Snow Fairy scent so much, I used the WHOLE bath bomb and it was epic! This one broke in transit so this is all I have to show you, but you can see what a party this bath bomb would be with its hot pinkness and classic Snow Fairy scent!

Penguin Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb*
Lush Bath Bomb

Another citrus-scented bath bomb, this is a two bath bomb that is very blue so make sure to give the tub a good rinse after you are done. Now, what makes this penguin a bit more fun is the addition of  POPPING CANDY! I mean, really? Lush definitely steps up the bath bomb game like no one else!

Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bar*
Lush Bath Bomb

I always wish there were more mint-scented products during this time of year so I was elated when I saw this peppermint Polar Bear bubble bar! Though this smelled more like spearmint (or toothpaste as my husband said), this bubble bar did not disappoint with the foamy bubbles and was very refreshing. The fact that this was white also meant that my tub needed very little clean up!

Lush Christmas Collection

I ended up picking up the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, Candy Cane Toothpaste Jelly and the Snowman Dreaming bath bomb on my visit to the store and I am STILL tempted to get more goddammit! Who else is stocked up on Lush Christmas or plans to stock up MORE during their Boxing Day sale?

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