NAILS | Santa Claus Might Not Be Coming' To Town? #CBBxManiMonday

I'm going to bring it up again - how the hell is it Dec.23rd?? How are we here now? I always feel like the Holidays creep up on me and I never have time to adjust and now that I have been LIVING it, I feel like it's going by really fast. Honestly, as much as this is a season to be joyful, I hate the fact that it's so busy everywhere you go. Malls, transit, supermarkets, the street you name it! My only safe haven is home so I secretly cannot wait for the silence that comes with January 1st. Whether it's because people are hung over or sleeping off a long night, I just look forward to the silence of the that first day of 2020. 

Santa Falling Chimney Nail Art
 PR samples

So, I couldn't let the season go by without some Santa nails so I found some funny ones of him getting stuck in a chimney online and decided to follow this pin done by One Nail to Rule Them All (LOVE HER DESIGNS!). It didn't turn out quite like I had wanted, but I still find them quite amusing. 

Santa Falling Chimney Nail Art

Polishes used:

(Base) OPI By the Light of the Moon*
(Chimney) OPI Inside the Isabelletway* and black acrylic paint
(Snow) OPI Infinite Shine Non-Stop White*
(Santa) OPI x HK A Kiss on the Chic*, OPI Half Past Nude*, OPI Infinite Shine Non-Stop White* and black acrylic paint
(Top Coat) OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat*

Have a great day everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for their holiday manicures!

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