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It's December holy crap. It's the last month of this friggin' DECADE and I know that it's going to be over in a flash! A lot of people have said to me that 2019 was not their year and that they just want to move on to 2020, but this WAS my year at least according to the Lunar calendar (I am a Pig in the Year of the Pig) and while it was a good first half, this latter half has been rough. If you were really superstitious you would say it's because I never wore "something red" as you are supposed to do in your year to ward off bad luck. Then again, I also know another Pig who wore red all year and has had a crap year too so it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway. Anyway, apologies for the lateness of this ManiMonday post as I have been suffering from a headache that has made me nauseous every time I have sat down in front of a computer so after some painkillers, a massage, a nap and tea here I am finally sitting down!

PR samples

Last Monday, Onyx Aesthetics Nail Studio and CND Canada hosted an event for the new holiday collection - Crystal Alchemy, a collection inspired by precious jewels and stones! Knowing that I was going to go home and do some nail art on my own, I decided to have my nails painted with the electric jewel blue "Sassy Sapphire" and "Powerful Hematite" as I had already had my nails painted with "Divine Diamond" from another CND event with Swarovski a few weeks ago. I added some snowflake nail stickers and dotted on some white dots to fill in the blank space and I had the perfect wintery manicure! 

Get ready to see more holiday manicures as I will only be using holiday nail polish collections for the rest of the month!

Have a great day everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for their holiday manicures!

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