BODY | 5 Hand Creams (This Really Could be 20 With What's Happening Now!)

Hand creams have had a whole new meaning for all of us this year as the constant hand washing has reached skin-cracking levels. Combined with the first fall/winter season living in a pandemic, I'm sure we are all guzzling hand creams at record levels. When I was off work and just staying home, I didn't need to wash my hands as often, but now that I am out and back at work interacting with co-workers and clients, I am hand-washing my hands between clients, whenever I touch merchandise or when I use the phone or shared cash wrap area. We are provided with gloves, but I feel like gloves provide people with a false sense of security which leads to a higher incidence of cross-contamination. I have literally seen someone rub their eyes WITH GLOVES ON. What is the point then?! Regardless, my hands have been suffering as I am sure many of yours have been and though I only have five hand creams here, I can now think of so many more nice ones I can add to this list!  

Hand Cream Review
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Bio Sculpture Hand and Body Butter

Bio Sculpture Hand Cream Review

This is an all over body cream with a geranium scent that definitely has a "spa-like" quality to it meaning it is great for those massages you get when you get a mani/pedi. This has petroleum and cosmetic grade mineral oil in it so while that sounds incredibly heavy, the texture is incredibly lightweight. The longevity of this moisturizer is great though as I almost feel like I have gloves on when I use this. I tend to use this hand cream just before bed as it is a bit thicker than the other hand creams I have and can make typing a bit messy.

Zero Hand and Nail Cream

Zero Skincare Hand Cream Review

I was introduced to this UK-based, plant-derived skincare brand back in August and have really been enjoying the products! While I will have a review for their skincare coming, I broke into this hand cream right away and LOVE IT. It is fragrance-free, non-greasy, lightweight in texture and feels quite interesting upon application as it literally feels like I am squeezing water out of the cream as I rub it between my hands! For a split second, you are kind of like WTF is going on with this texture and you think it's not going to dissipate, but then it all stops and your hands are moisturized and not greasy! It's surreal! 

BKIND Nourishing Hand Balm in Balsam, Pine and Cedar

BKind Hand Cream Review

This is a Montreal-based vegan beauty brand that makes some amazing products like shampoo bars, skincare, nail polish and bamboo toothbrushes, BUT they also make a mean hand cream! Actually, this isn't really a cream, but a thick balm that has been my cuticle LIFESAVER! Made with a blend of shea butter, sweet almond oil, pine, cedarwood and Canadian balsam oil, this has a refreshing scent unlike any hand product I have ever tried. It actually does smell kind of woodsy! This stuff is intense so I would either use it as a cuticle treatment like I do or at night when you won't be touching anything! I have also been using this on my husband's dry heels so think Vaseline intensity levels, but with oils that are actually going to absorb into and soften your skin.

Jowae Hand & Nail Nourishing Cream

Jowae Hand Cream Review

I feel like I must have talked about this hand cream in the past, but I do know that I have mentioned French-Korean skincare brand Jowae before. I was introduced to this brand two years ago and fell hard for two of their products: their Hydrating Water Mist and this Hand & Nail Nourishing Cream! In fact, I am almost done my tube now because I have been using it so much as it plays nicely with my keyboard. This has a cherry blossom scent and is thicker in consistency, but not greasy at all! It has a slightly waxy texture as there is a bit of beeswax in the formulation which I am guessing aids in the non-greasy feel. Overall, another great hand cream option!

Kosma Rose Glow Hand Cream

Kosmea Hand Cream Review

I love Australian brand Kosmea for their skincare (whooo to the Clarifying Cleanser!), but this hand cream I love more for the beautiful rose scent than anything else! Yes, this is a fantastic hand cream because it has rose hip and jojoba oils in it for hydration AND it isn't greasy, but if you want to feel extra luxurious and fancy, the scent of roses will make you feel so happy with every application! 

Hand Cream Review

As I write this, another really good hand cream that I didn't get a chance to feature was the Skinfix Hand Repair Cream! If you have eczema or severely dry hands, this is also very effective and soothing! I am sure I will have more hand cream options next month as I am constantly discovering new ones as I finish tubes! Let me know what you have been using!

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