NAILS | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Under the Tree" Swatch #MidWeekMani

Today was an unexpected sick day as both my husband and I started feeling a little under the weather with headaches and for me, a mild sore throat and dry cough. Unfortunately, these are all symptoms of the very contagious Omicron variant so we have both decided to stay in for a week. The line ups are so long to get tested that since our symptoms are so mild and the wait time for results is now 48 hours, we figured that by the time we know for certain we have what we think we have, we will probably be on the mend. We have our meals delivered via Chef's Plate so at least dinners are taken care of and we have enough snacks to make it through. Even the cats have everything they need so we don't even need to go out for them! The only thing we REALLY need is a 9V battery because our smoke detector decided to do its super annoying "I'm dying chirp" at 4am which freaked out the cats for hours. I found Harper in some random corner of the apartment and she didn't even eat until much later in the afternoon. So, for now we don't have a functioning smoke detector until Monday when we can leave the house!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Under the Tree" Swatch
Press sample

This was actually a manicure I wore in December, but I just never got around to posting it as there was always another manicure to share that wasn't just a swatch. This was part of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2021 holiday collection and was a VERY cool polish in terms of how the colour shifted in different light. I was about to add some decoration to it, but when my husband saw it he begged me to leave it untouched because it was just such a pretty colour all on its own and he was right!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Under the Tree" Swatch

We've all hopefully survived our first week of 2022 and though I didn't expect to get sick so early in the year, I was almost expecting it as cases and transmission have been soaring. I haven't seen my family or friends, but I do work with clients and staff and have been taking transit the last 3 weeks with the snow so even with social distancing and masking, I guess something was bound to give. I only started wearing an N95 this week so that could also have something to do with it, I don't know. At any rate, I'm already feeling better so I should be good to go by the time the weekend is over! 

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