LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Jan 28 - Sephora Haul, New Candles, Wordle, Beekeeper's Naturals and Lab Grown Diamonds!

I have been doing these Five on Friday posts on the week before because sometimes things happen on the Friday itself so I figure doing a recap of the week before makes more sense! 


I placed a small Sephora order at the very end of December so technically, I still haven't placed a Sephora order for 2022, but should I proud of that seeing as how it's only the end of January? I have been wanting to try the Glo Lit whitening vials for awhile and when I saw them in the sale section they seemed worthwhile so I will be trying them out over the next couple of months before they expire. I also picked up a fun little cranberry-themed Violet Voss eyeshadow palette that seemed like a more compact version of the ABH Renaissance palette. Finally, the item I was most excited about was this Sephora Weighted Eye Mask! I like sleeping with weight on my eyes as I find it comforting and this one even stays on when you sleep on your side! 


I got to know Toronto-based brand True and You through their Customizable Glacial Clay Mask which was fantastic, but what I didn't know was that in addition to this product, True and You also makes beautiful soy candles! They sent along a tester set of all five of their scents which you can also purchase for $10 on their website. They are tealights so you will get plenty of use out of them as well have the opportunity to decide which scents you like. I decided that I needed to have Orange + Santal, Bamboo + Eucalyptus (I got TWO) and Oud Wood + Leather (my current burn). They are $40 each so not inexpensive which is why I picked them up during their Boxing Week sale. They took awhile to reach me since shipping now for everything is taking quite awhile, but I love the packaging of these candles complete with the bamboo cover to keep cat hair out!


Wordle 218 5/6


These coloured squares were so cryptic at first when they started showing up on my Twitter feed and I resisted for a week before I HAD to know what was going on. I like that everyone is so respectful on Twitter about not giving away the Wordle of the Day! It's fun and though I rarely them early on, I like puzzling them out on paper!


I was introduced to this Toronto-based brand through an old colleague and maybe it's all in my head, but this propolis spray always seems to keep my sore throat at bay when I feel that little tickle. I finished by bottle so I ended up buying a three pack just to have one at work and one at home. You can spray up to 4x/day at the very back of the throat and it just tastes sweet which is expected. Beekeeper's Naturals also carries this fantastic tasting Cocoa Honey that literally tastes like diluted chocolate milk when mixed with water! It's one of my favourite night time indulgences! 


I was training a new employee and we decided to look at a new brand called ALTR that our work just started carrying. ALTR makes lab grown diamonds and we decided to have a closer look through the microscope! Whenever you have a certified diamond, it often has its own individual number laser-engraved on what's called the girdle of the diamond. In the case of a lab grown diamond, on one side of the girdle is a certificate number and on the other, it must legally say "Lab Grown" because guess what? Without that, this diamond looks and tests just like a natural diamond! I have a macro lens at work and took this photo with that! Comes in handy sometimes!

I hope everyone had a great week and now here we are at the last week of January! Crazy!

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