LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Jan 14 - (First Book, First Movie, Home Sick, New Shoes and New Norvina Palette)

I said I would "diversify my portfolio" this year and after thinking about the best way to do this, I thought I would take a page out of Renee's book (blog?) See the World in Pink and try doing the "Five on Friday" posts! If I can manage every Friday, that's great, but even just one Friday a month is something I would be happy with maintaining. I am also hoping that because the nature of these posts is to find five random things in the week to chat about that it will help me to appreciate each day a little bit more! It also helps the weeks from blurring together and having me feel like I have reached the end of the month not knowing how I got there!


I had a bit of a headstart with this one as I started reading it in December, but I got the recommendation through Goodreads as it was one of the finalists for 2021! The cover (I know it shouldn't matter) also grabbed me along with the summary of the story. I'm very bad at reviewing books without revealing too much, but basically Patrick is a once famous gay sitcom star who has become a bit of recluse, but because of a family tragedy is in charge of his niece and nephew over the summer. It is here that he learns responsibility and the value of being with family while also dealing with his own grief. It was heartwarming, sweet and made me want to read Steven Rowley's other book, Lily and the Octopus, thought I think it's a bit of a tearjerker. 


I really enjoyed the first instalment of this movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and could not wait to watch the second! I would have watched it earlier, but I wanted to see it with my husband so I waited until he came back from Montreal. Filled with fun action scenes, Nick Jonas, a pegasus and "dance fighting", I thoroughly enjoyed the humour and of course the video game aspect. It looks like there might even be a third movie based on the ending??


Last week wasn't all that interesting mainly because my husband and I were home sick for most of it. With Omicron dominating and being highly infectious, my husband started having cold-like symptoms the middle of last week and then I started to have them the day after. The symptoms were really quite mild so we didn't bother going to get tested as the line-ups have been hours long and it honestly makes more sense to just stay home for 5 days and get better. The health care workers manning these sites are stretched so thin as is that I think if you can afford to stay home for the week, DO IT. We had our groceries delivered and easily survived isolating in our home. 


You may have caught my IG stories where I posted about my new Adidas x Star Wars shoes which were a Boxing Day purchase! They are Youth shoes and they were on sale for $86 and then another 50% off for Boxing Day on the Adidas website so how could I say no?! With a hand-drawn looking Yoda on one shoes with the laces saying "May the Force Be With You" and Darth Vader drawing the Death Star on the other shoe with laces that say "Come to the Dark Side", these shoes are one of the cutest pairs of shoes I own! The only thing is that they were not as comfortable as the adult Adidas shoes I have and are stiff as plastic so I am hoping that I can break them in.


I picked up this ABH Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol.5 during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at I *think* 50% off which let's face it, for ABH quality is an incredible price and just look at that palette! I was alerted to the sale via Jaime from Girl Loves Gloss and I honestly thought I wasn't going to buy any more eyeshadow palettes, but I LOVE purple...I swatched each shade the other day and every single one was dreamy, creamy and pigmented. I don't usually like mattes because most are pretty chalky in texture, but all of these ones were so smooth! That shade E3 made me "oooh" out loud as I swatched it as it literally swatched so fluidly alllmost like liquid! It was crazy! I have already used this palette a couple of times this week even just to play with on my days off so I think this will be THE purple eyeshadow palette for me!

I hope everyone had a good week and is doing well! Have you been able to check off any new books or movies yet? 

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