LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Jan 21- (Birch + Fog Order, First Book on Kobo, Yellowjackets, MaskerAide Haul, LEGO N64 Cube)

Putting five relatively interesting things to discuss for today's post seemed to be a bit of a challenge because between work, home and the pandemic, I have realized that I am incredibly uneventful and I don't hate it, but I feel like you will all read this and think I'm so full of it! I feel boring AF! I had a short four day work week which was nice as we are all trying to burn through remaining vacation days before the fiscal year end in March. At my work, we are only allowed to carry over five vacation days and amazingly enough, it can be challenging to actually take vacation over the year as you need to coordinate with other employees to make sure you aren't short-staffed and you also need to be around for certain sales events or risk not making commission!


After hosting a lovely CBD giveaway with local company Birch + Fog, I decided it was time to place an order of my own! I am still fairly new to this world of CBD so I am definitely experimenting with tinctures and edibles. The only thing I won't do is smoke ANYTHING. I don't want anything in my lungs as I don't need the effects to be fast-acting. I can wait a few hours. I also like sweets so if I can have a bit of sugar, then why not? I picked up some gummies, hot chocolate, a citrus-flavoured tincture and a chocolate bar. Shipping was super fast and I received my package in a bit of an adventurous way as Purolator marked my package as delivered to my address and noted that I had "verbally signed for it. I never received the package, wasn't home at the time of delivery and had no idea where it was until an elderly lady from an apartment building a block away said she found my package in the lobby. She found my phone number and let me know that she was keeping it safe because "people take things"! She was very sweet and her gesture was much appreciated. 


I picked up a brand new e-reader during the Black Friday Shoppers Points Redemption Event after using my first generation Amazon Kindle since 2007! It still works, but the size and the interface are so dated now that the Kobo Libra 2 really jumped out at me as my next option. It's waterproof up to 2 hours so when I read in the tub, IF misfortune were to befall my e-reader would still be ok! I generally borrow books from my local library or download the EPUB files and the Kobo was most compatible with my library so here we are! I just finished "Hail Mary" by Andy Weir who also wrote "The Martian" and I really liked it! I loved reading it on here as the actual book was massive and difficult to take into the tub with me.


This is a new drama series set in 1996 and flashing forward to 2021 about a high school girls soccer team called 'The Yellowjackets" who are on their way to a championship game, but their plane crashes in the Ontario wilderness. They are stranded here for almost 2 years and in that time, things go in the direction of Lord of the Flies with some people not making it and tribe-like rituals and allegiances forming. You get more and more information about what REALLY happened back in 1996 through glimpses of the survivors in their current state in 2021. Though I am unfamiliar with most of the cast, Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci are quite good.  


I know that me buying sheet masks seems ridiculous, but I've settled into a routine where if I just want my skin to feel nice, smooth and comforted I reach for a MaskerAide mask! I love them so much that I actually have force myself to use different masks to feature on my current #SheetMask365 challenge or else all you would see are me using these masks! My favourite ones to use for dry winter months are the Beauty Rest'ore and I Don't Wanna Grow Up which is what I ordered (10 masks total), but the MaskerAide team added on a ton of extras as a little perk of being a MaskerAide ambassador for four years now! Being an ambassador for the brand was a no brainer as I was using their masks for years beforehand and though I could ask for free product, I also want to support a Canadian company so when they had their Boxing Day sale, I took the opportunity to stock up!


I finished this LEGO N64 Cube a few weeks ago, but I was working on it at work because all of my colleagues wanted to see what it looked like. I only just took it home this week and for someone like myself who was obsessed with the N64 in the late 90s, this piece needed to be part of my collection! Released in October 2021, it wasn't cheap at $200 CDN, but I loved the building process and seeing how the LEGO designers used rubber bands to make this work and also included so many little Easter eggs as a nod to the original Super Mario game. I mean, who else found it SO HARD to return the baby penguin to his Mama?!

I can't believe I have now done two of these Five on Friday things! What I find challenging is taking "nice" photos of things, but maybe I should upgrade my iPhone since I still have my iPhone 7 from 2017! Maybe later this year!

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