MAKEUP | Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Liquid Lipstick, New Brow Gel and Limited Edition Gold Body Shimmer

It has been a snowy week here in Vancouver with a 20cm dumping of snow happening last night, but I happened to request today off so I got to stay at home! I only had to go out to return a library book and pick up some cat food so other than that, it was very much an indoor day. Last month, I received an unexpected package from Cheekbone Beauty with some of their new releases that I wanted to share as this is a brand I admire and respect for what they stand for and the actions they take to achieve what they say they will do! They are now in Sephora which is amazing, but I still prefer shopping from their site directly. Cheekbone Beauty has done SO MANY things to ensure their products are kind to people, animals and the Earth (read more about their sustainability practices here) with their packaging having changed a little bit from my last review to reflect these new and improved policies while still making sure the product feels and looks luxe! 

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This is my first experience with the new new packaging and while I wouldn't call it luxurious in terms of comparing it to packaging from brands like Dior and Guerlain, there IS something luxurious about the amount of thought and consideration that has gone into making sure this packaging is biodegradable, recyclable, printed with vegetable inks and even contains plastic (PLA plastic) derived from corn. Maybe I'm just at a point in the beauty game where I care much more about these details than before!

Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Liquid Lipstick, New Brow Gel and Limited Edition Gold Body Shimmer

SUSTAIN Brow Gel in Brown*
Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Brow Gel

Set to be released next week, is the reformulated SUSTAIN Brow Gel which uses sunflower seed oil to hydrate the skin and actually help to prevent hair loss in the brow area! I have very little brow hair to begin with so I definitely do not want to lose any more hair! Sunflower seed oil was used in this formulation as it has been used for centuries in Indigenous communities for hair and skin. This brow gel did indeed make my eye brows look fluffy and full, but I feel like I really had to work at it because I didn't have a lot of hair for the gel to grip onto. Though I was sent the shade Brown, I think I would benefit from having a darker shade. The brush looked stiff and scary, but it was actually soft and very flexible! It felt quite soothing to use across the brows and should definitely be a tool used in facials as part of the massage!

SUSTAIN Limited Edition Body Shimmer*
Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Body Shimmer

Yes, this says body shimmer, but in the makeup look below I used it on my nose, cheeks and cupid's bow just because the formula is super blendable and lightweight. I actually have yet to use it on my body as I stayed in and covered up on Christmas and NYE, but with the doe foot applicator this is great for specific areas like the tops of the shoulders and collarbone. The shimmer is also more like a glow than glittery making it more suitable for all ages and events instead of just "da club".

SUSTAIN Liquid Lipstick in "Bethany"*
Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Liquid Lipstick in Bethany

I will admit that when I first saw this shade in the tube, I didn't know what to think because this is a shade that is MUCH darker than what I normally would wear even if it's the middle of Fall or Winter. I am a BIG fan of Cheekbone Beauty's liquid lipsticks having purchased eight of them back in 2020 so was looking forward to trying out the new formula. The lipsticks have been reformulated and repackaged to meet CB's new sustainability requirements and while some of the shades I reviewed are no longer there, most still are (YAY!). The shade "Bethany" is a rich oxblood that applies smoothly and in one application with a relatively quick dry down. This vegan formula is not whipped like the previous version of CB's liquid lipsticks and is definitely more on the liquid side. This formula stayed pretty much in place until I ate some Chicko's Fried Chicken where patchiness was noted, but it's fried chicken. Not much can survive that! It did stain my lips a little bit even with exfoliating and oil makeup remover as my lips were quite dry and peely that day so make sure you moisturize or put down a good lip primer.

Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Liquid Lipstick and Limited Edition Gold Body Shimmer Swatches

Obviously, we needed to put all three products together! For my eyeshadow, I am using Natasha Denona's Mini Sunrise palette as I wanted to match the shade "Bethany".

Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Liquid Lipstick, New Brow Gel and Limited Edition Gold Body Shimmer

Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Liquid Lipstick, New Brow Gel and Limited Edition Gold Body Shimmer

Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Liquid Lipstick, New Brow Gel and Limited Edition Gold Body Shimmer

If you haven't tried anything from Cheekbone Beauty, DEFINITELY do! These are products that are thoughtful, benefit Indigenous youth, are kind to the environment and are most importantly, of fantastic quality! I just placed an order for their SUSTAIN Eyeshadow and Complexion Sticks so stay tuned for that review!

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