SHEET MASK | Jayjun Cosmetic Gold Snow Black Mask

Who wouldn't be curious about a sheet mask that has the words "gold" and "snow" in the name? That and the packaging is definitely what caught my attention when I saw a box of these Jayjun Cosmetic masks at T&T! They were on sale and looked pretty fancy as they were packaged in a nice-looking hard cardboard box that opened like a book and came with an intense looking serum! I mean, it's BLACK! I've always liked Jayjun masks as many of them are multi-steppers and they make SO MANY different ones that I have only just begun to scratch the surface when it comes to what the brand has to offer! 

Jayjun Cosmetics Gold Snow Black Mask
Purchased by me

Today's mask is one of the more pricey Jayun masks as it is a two-stepper AND it is the first FOIL mask I have tried from the brand. I didn't even realize this was a foil mask until I looked at the back of the packaging, but it was a welcome surprise. This mask is for irritated, tired and dry skin with an essence that actually contains bits of gold along with niacinamide, aloe and multi-molecular weights of HA. Nice, right?

Jayjun Cosmetics Gold Snow Black Mask

I used this mask during Vancouver's December cold spell as I was suffering from very dry EVERYTHING and I was freezing because the heating in our apartment didn't kick in for a few days so it was about 15 degrees indoors which sucked SO MUCH. Foil masks insulate heat so I rarely use them in warmer months because it starts to feel super sweaty on the face. In this case, I welcomed the heat the foil generated!

Jayjun Cosmetics Gold Snow Black Mask

I know the Black Pearl First Repair Serum is supposed to be the whole point of this mask, but I personally found the fragrance strong enough to be quite off-putting. I also do not like the packaging for the serum because you can never really get ALL of the product out! I would have been perfectly fine with Jayjun's classic packet style that I rip off the main mask packaging.

Jayjun Cosmetics Gold Snow Black Mask

Jayjun Cosmetics Gold Snow Black Mask

The mask comes in two parts, which is best for a stiffer mask like this as it generally fits better. It's never going to be perfect with a foil mask, but as long as the mask fits me around the chin without lifting I'm pretty happy.

Jayjun Cosmetics Gold Snow Black Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: I actually don't remember exactly, but this pack of 5 was on sale for around $20 CDN. I think it regularly retails for closer to $30.

Skin concerns: Tired skin that needs revitalizing

Scent: Lightly floral, but very faint

Essence Type: Clear, slightly viscous 

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Standard foil mask thickness

Mask Fit: Did not fit my face that well as I could not get the folds to lie flat. It still adhered to my face well though. 

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Good!

Other notes: The serum applied before was HEAVILY fragranced and black in colour. I did not like it much and would prefer to use the mask on its own.

Final verdict: I will happily continue using the foil mask on its own and the serum will be relegated to my legs or somewhere far away from my nose.

You can find the Jayjun Cosmetic Gold Snow Black Mask at various Korean retailers, T&T on occasion and if you are looking for a Canadian e-tailer, I just located it at!

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