NAILS | More with OPI x Xbox in "You Had Me at HALO"!

This is my segue into spring nail polish shades as our CBBxManiMonday theme becomes all about pastels next Monday! This year's OPI collaboration is with an unexpected player - Xbox! That's right, the video game platform! I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of colour story and when I saw the whole collection I still wasn't sure if I would have ever imagined such spring-like shades for XBox. Nevertheless, I still think the collection is very pretty and the names for these polishes are just spot on! 


Pink and Purple Nail Art
PR samples

The OPI x Xbox collection is made up of six pearly/shimmery polishes and six pastel cremes which make for some interesting colour and texture combinations. I fell hard for this pearly purple shade in "You Had Me at HALO" both for the colour AND for the name! It took two coats for this shade to become fully opaque which I paired off with the lavender creme "Achievement Unlocked" which is yet another great polish name. Has nothing to do with the actual shade colours, but makes for a good laugh for sure!

I alternated painting half moons with the two shade until it looked good/the polish got too thick to work with. The latter reason is really what got me to stop painting because the polish just wasn't drying!

Pink and Purple Nail Art

Expect to see more of the OPI x Xbox collection this month!

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