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I was just going to post these fantastically nerdy earrings on Instagram and nowhere else because I thought it would look pretty on my feed, but then I realized that I wanted people to really KNOW about these earrings and this wonderful Etsy shop which means I needed to create some solidly "Googleable" content! 

Purchased by me

These earrings popped up on my Instagram feed which of course I squealed about and when I perused more of Katalin's store, Woodsmoke and Willow, I knew I had found a place for the nerdiest, most detailed earrings ever! Many of you know that I have worked in the luxury jewelry space for most of my working life so buying costume jewelry or even jewelry from other brands does not happen mainly because I can't wear anything at work that we don't carry. I couldn't say no to these plant and animal cell earrings though! 


You can purchase these either as a matched set of both plant/animal cell or do what I did and opt for the mismatch! When I first learned about the plant and animal cell back in Grade 10, one of the initial things I remembered was that a plant cell has both a cell wall and an inner cell membrane while the animal cell only has the cell membrane. For our project, we had to make an EDIBLE plant cell diagram! We ended up baking a cake and then using edible flowers for some parts because my partner got super stressed with how the baked elements were looking on the cake so I remember her just getting some scissors and cutting up some pansies! These earrings instantly made me think of that project as well as the plant cell nail art I did a few years ago (below) which remains one of my most favourite nail art creations!

The earrings ship out of Alberta and I got them in under a week which was great! They are pretty big so the first thing I usually check is to make sure the earrings don't collide with my upper piercing which I never remove. The posts are made of titanium and come with two sets of large and small silicone backings secured onto a cardboard card which was wrapped beautifully and securely in a box. I prefer to use the smaller ones, but the larger ones will ensure the earrings don't droop or fall forward. The larger backings collide with my upper earring backings.

These earrings are made of polymer clay so I make sure I don't spray any hair product or perfume while I have them on. You can wipe them gently with water, but that's it for cleaning and like pearls, they are the LAST thing I put on! Generally, this is one of my pet peeves when I see people leave necklaces or earrings on with stones and then spray or apply ugh skincare with all of this still on. As someone who has cleaned A LOT of jewelry for clients, you may THINK your stuff is clean, but the moment you have lotion, sunscreen or sweat touch your jewelry, it loses its shine and honestly is so gross when you dip it into the ultrasonic. The puffs of crap that will come off in the cleaning solution will make you never want to keep your jewelry on again!

Katalin got all of the details right down to the smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum (in blue) and the earrings are probably detailed enough to cheat from in an exam! Although don't do that because I once sat behind a girl when we were taking a Biology final at UBC and she looked so timid, but then I looked really closely at her pencil case and she had the TINIEST piece of cardboard with a bunch of notes on it. I didn't rat her out because I would feel like a jerk, but the TA walking up and down the gym caught it. He took out the little cheat sheet and asked her "Is this yours?" She didn't answer and just slunk back in her seat and stopped writing. They took away her exam and then the head professor came over, shook his head and said "Whyyy did you have to do this?" I suspect it's just so irritating for them to deal with. Anyway, don't cheat even if you have the most perfect earrings for your test!

These are beautiful earrings with many more in her shop that are going to be perfect for the math, science and nature lover! These mismatched plant and animal cell earrings also come in a more neutral colour palette if you were wanting to "class up" the cell! There are some great options for teachers as well and even some super detailed charcuterie boards! Have fun shopping and supporting this Canadian small business! 

You can find these earrings at Katalin's Etsy shop Woodsmoke and Willow

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