LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Mar.18th - The Woman in the House..., Sephora Haul, Lamy Pico, New Favourite Book and More Walks!

Wasn't expecting to not do a Five on Friday for such a long time, but lo and behold this is my first Five on Friday this month! There has been a lot going on in the world and my day job just ended up consuming so much of my mental and physical well-being that my attention span at home hasn't been great other than for watching movies. I feel like I will never catch up which is somewhat disheartening, but I am chipping away at my pile of stuff to do and hoping that as long as nothing new pops up, I'll be able to feel a little more accomplished! February was so nice and relaxing where I felt caught up at work and I was able to blog so much! It always feels nice to see a solid history of a couple of blog posts each week!


Today's Five on Fridays are a little old as I actually had these planned for two weeks ago, but if you haven't watched Kristen Bell in The Woman in the House Across the Street from The Girl in the Window you should because it is funny, entertaining and has twists! This is a dark comedy that is a parody of popular psychological thriller movies and the episodes are half an hour so really easy to watch in its entirety. Kristen Bell is great in this and she even does a sex scene which I was not expecting! 


I did a little haul at Sephora (my first this year!) for some Dr. Jart sheet masks and a well-reviewed Briogeo deodorant that were on sale. These sheet masks are always great to use and tend to vanish pretty quickly when they are on sale! I have also been looking forward to trying their new mud mask!


I love collecting pens and when I saw this high chrome finish Lamy Pico pen online, I wanted it so badly! When retracted, it's about 3 inches long, but when you click to extend, it becomes a full length ballpoint pen! I like that I can use it at work and fits easily in my pocket and also writes smoothly! I usually prefer rollerball, but ballpoint has its purpose at times! The Pico comes in a variety of colours and finishes so I *might* add on to it in the future, but for now this baby is all I need! 


This is a new release from author Sue Lynn Tan and I was utterly raptured by it! A little bit slow at the beginning, but then I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next! I feel like this would make a great movie as there are so many visual elements described like the monsters and the elaborate outfits people wore. There is a second book coming this Fall and I cannot wait!


Once again, Casey and I took advantage of another sunny Sunday (our one shared day off together) and went for a walk in the neighbourhood. Now, that we have Daylight Savings, I look forward to being able to come home from work when it's still light out. I also wore some makeup because it felt nice to have lipstick on!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!

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