SHEET MASK | 23 Years Old Silky Seaweed Mask

After a work week from hell, I am hoping to get back to a more normal schedule of blogging in the next few weeks! I'm still feeling the effects of the stress and anxiety I placed upon myself and even though I had a good sleep-in today, I know I will need to continue going to bed at a decent hour for a couple more days to feel better. I have a massage and facial coming up on Tuesday so I think I'm going to treat Tuesday like a super chill no stress day with possibly a bit of laundry in the middle!

Purchased through my Facetory subscription 

As we are now in March, I wanted to do some sort of theme for my blog posts as it can be overwhelming to think of things to write about (in my mind there are always so many!) and I decided to do "Green Beauty", but not in the way we think about it now. I am literally going to focus on the colour green, not the clean beauty, non-toxic beauty schtick. So, if a product has green packaging or comes out of the tube green, I am going to be using it! We are starting off the month with Korean skincare brand 23 Years Old, which always has a unique take on ingredients, product design or application and this Seaweed Silky Mask was no exception!

This mask focuses on soothing, calming and hydrating the skin and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like Coptis Japonica Extract (also a powerful antioxidant) and allantoin. There is also algae extract which provides lasting hydration.

What makes this mask unique is that it's a "full face experience" so there is no opening for the mouth (which I did not realize) and the eye flaps are large enough for you cover the eyes fully. I have on occasion used a lip mask in conjunction with a sheet mask so in this case, I can have both all in one mask!

Mask Summary:

Anywhere from $3-$4 USD

Skin concerns: Inflammation, dryness, revitalization 
Scent: A little like green tea
Essence Type: Slightly gelatinous
Duration: 20 minutes
Thickness: Medium
Mask Fit: There was no mouth...
Tackiness: None!
Hydration: Skin felt great! Soft, creamy and with a bit of bounce!
Other notes: I got this mask from Facetory in 2018 and has an expiration date of Aug 2021. I use a ton of expired masks with no issues, but after looking at YouTube videos of this mask, my mask was definitely drier with less essence than it should have had.

Final verdict: This was a strange mask, but the results were far better than I had anticipated! Super soft, plushy skin was what I was left with and despite the weirdness of not having an open area for the mouth, it was also nice to have soft lips too! It's a shame this mask isn't more readily available as I cannot seem to find it very easily online!

Do you know where to find this mask other than eBay? 

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