LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Mar.25th - Book of Boba Fett, Sample Wall, Day Out with Gerry, Holt Renfrew Haul and Turning Red

I didn't think I would actually sit down and write this as it has been challenging to get content out this month. Yes, I know blogging isn't everything, but I can never shake the feeling that I should be writing because I am still trying to make room in the beauty room to display my LEGO! Blogging about sheet masks isn't creating enough space and what I REALLY should be doing is blogging about whole skincare and haircare collections because those take up quite a bit of room! I do have a schedule laid out for myself, but finding the energy is the next step! While, this isn't a beauty post, it does help me feel a little bit better!


I was SO looking forward to the Book of Boba Fett as I am a big Star Wars fan and loved how The Mandalorian was done! Unfortunately, I found this quite slow until we got to see Grogu and The Mandalorian. I was also looking forward to seeing The Sheriff again, but it was all very disappointing. While I always enjoy learning more about the Star Wars universe and its characters, this series just didn't grab me.


My "sample wall" is in my bathroom and has served as a good reminder for me to USE MY SAMPLES. I stick everything on with sticky tack and tetris things around as I use them. I recently re-did my wall when I received my Bellbees order as they included probably 50 samples with my order and though I do have other samples from years ago to use, a lot of what was included looked interesting so I put it all up! I liked how aesthically pleasing it all looked at the end!


My friend Gerry (Weekends with G) and I started celebrating our "Friendiversary" a few years ago yes to celebrate when we started being friends (cheesy, I know), but it was actually much closer to the concept Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec came up with of "treat yo' self'! We do it in March and we don't feel any guilt about spending a little bit more than usual. This means that I try to save any spending for this trip! We haven't been able to go the last few years because of the pandemic, but this year we felt comfortable venturing out so we started off the day with a 10am breakfast at OEB in Yaletown! How GOOD does this food look? I got the toast with poached egg and fruit will Gerry got the lobster eggs benny because I am not usually a breakfast person and tend to get quite ill if I have too much protein or fat so toast was perfect! The food was great though!


In my mind, I had about a $300 limit that I wanted to spend at Holts and I stuck to it (I spent less actually)! I picked up some new Hermes goodies that I will share on the blog soon! The Hermes nail polish I have already shared this week (here) and I picked up the new Foundation Balm that I have been happily wearing all week! 


This movie is just so good. I was going to watch it on my own as I didn't think my husband would enjoy it, but at the 17 min mark, I knew it was too funny to let him miss out on it so I waited until he was done his D&D for the night and we watched the whole thing together. Obviously, I identified with the main character Meilin as a Chinese Canadian woman and daughter of an immigrant family, but I wasn't sure of my Quebecois Caucasian husband would enjoy it, but he did! He loved how realistic the fur was and we both enjoyed how cute Meilin was as a red panda. I hope this movie wins an Oscar because it was funny, touching and really made me feel all sorts of nostalgia.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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