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Julep St.Patrick’s Day Mystery Box

Hi Everyone!

I know I really shouldn’t have, but I never got a chance to participate in Julep’s Valentine’s Mystery Box, so when the opportunity for the St.Patrick’s Day Mystery Box came up, I knew I just had to try it! Seeing as how I skipped the Julep Maven Box for the month of April, I figured it all evened out in the end in terms of the actual number of boxes I’d be receiving. See how I’m trying to rationalize everything?
So, instead of the usual black cardboard shipping box that Julep normally sends out, the mystery box was appropriately shipped in a green cardboard box. Inside were some chocolate coins, which were promptly devoured, and a cute quilted cosmetic bag with the Julep trademark imprinted on the fabric.



In this month’s St.Patrick’s Day Mystery Box I received:

Julep’s Exclusive Makeup Bag $18.00 (on sale for $14.99)
Julep Nail Appliques in Peacock $14.00
Everyday SPF Hand Cream SPF 30 $28.00
Julep Crystal Nail File $6.00
Julep Nail Vernis in Maya $14.00
Julep Nail Vernis in Sofia $14.00
Julep Nail Vernis in Emma $14.00
Julep Essential Cuticle Oil $18.00

Total Value of Julep St.Patrick’s Day Mystery Box: $126.00 (without special Maven pricing)

I liked everything I received, EXCEPT for the fact that I now have TWO Sofias…I didn’t think that the mystery box would possibly contain nail polishes from the March Maven Boxes…I would think that this would lead to more than just myself receiving a duplicate polish. Anyone feel like trading for Sofia? I really don’t need two of her…

Anyone else purchase a Mystery Box and if so, what did you get? Was there anyone lucky enough to get the ultimate Box? I think I saw one blogger get something like 8 nail polishes so she scored big time!


  1. You got a great box! I just starting my subscription this month, so I got my introduction box and on friday I already rcvd my April box.

    1. Awesome! Hopefully you were able to use the 1 cent code for your intro box because that's what I did with mine.

  2. Replies
    1. It was a nice surprise. I just want to get rid of Sofia though!

  3. Wow the stuff you got looks great!

  4. I want to get the next mystery box! Any idea when it will be released?

    1. No idea...I got an email for this one so I'll send you tweet/shout when I get word of the next one!

  5. I've never tried nail appliques - have you? Either way now you have a chance to!

    1. I have not tried nail appliques because I feel like using them is cheating a little...but I'll try them now since I have a very pretty set!

  6. I just received my first box and reall love it.. I got the hand facial scrub and have just fallen in love.. I'll definitely be getting the next mystery box after seeing how good yours was. Great pictures :)

    1. Awww, so glad that you loved your first Julep box! I think the Mystery Boxes tend to be QUITE good so they're always worth getting.

  7. I'm so mad that I passed on this box! Oh well... next time =)