December Glymm Box!

Hi everyone!
I was actually really surprised to see my Glymm box arrive because it wasn't due to arrive until this Thursday, but I know Canada Post hasn't really been updating their site because of how busy they've been. I sincerely hope that everyone else who is still waiting for their Glymm box will receive theirs unexpectedly like I did. At this point, I guess I could have waited until Christmas Day to open it, but the suspense was just killing me! Anyway, onward to the unboxing!

Swatch of Sula lip gloss I received in "Come Find Me"
I love mini perfume bottles! 
The items I received were:

Caudalie - Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask (Full size 40mL for $40)
Ahava - Mineral Hand Cream (Full size 3.4oz for $20)
Yves Saint Laurent perfume in La Parisienne (Full size 3oz for $85)
Sula Beauty - Natural Lip Gloss in "Come Find Me" (Full size 0.5ml for $8)
Glymm $10 coupon

Upon first sniff, I quite like the scent of the YSL perfume even though I am normally more of a fruity or citrus scent lover. As you can see, the swatch of the Sula lip gloss is pretty much a nude, flesh colour which at first glance I thought would have been too light on me, but as it turns out, it's just fine! It does have sort of a "chemically" smell to it which is probably the "naturalness" of the lip gloss coming out...I hope!

I thought adding up the cost of the box was sort of a neat thing to do that other reviewers have done, so I shall do the same:

Caudalie - 3mL = $3
Ahava - 0.68oz = $4
YSL - 0.25oz = $7.08
Sula Beauty - $8 (Full size given!)
Total Value of Glymm Box = $22.08 

To be honest, I wasn't completely wowed by this box, but then again, I have never tried ANY of the products in this box which is the whole idea of getting samples!  I understand that I won't be head over heels for each and every single Glymm box, but I am still pleased with all the products I have received and can't wait to try them out!