Project 10 Pan Update

Hello Girls (and guys??)!

As predicted, Christmas specials have drastically slowed down my progress with Project 10 Pan...sigh...but I did still want to share with you my progress one month later. I am closest to finishing my Cake Body and Hairspray, Clinique lipstick and Dior lip gloss, but everything else is probably going to be another month or so. I just saw the bottom of the pan of my Benefit foundation today so yayy! I've also discovered that I HATE my Yves Rocher glitter mascara. It looks like there is glittery dandruff on my lashes and I can't stand it!! Instead of trying to "pan" it, I think I'll "can" it instead.

The lipstick is probably taking longer than it should because I use a lip brush to apply lipstick which really makes it last quite awhile since you're using every last bit of product. Well, after one month, these two are all I have to show for my efforts! I know for a fact that I have six new Revlon lip butters waiting for me under the tree so I think I will be on Project 10 Pan for pretty much all of 2012! Just wanted to post an update and for anyone else who's doing this, I hope you're doing better than I am!

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