Quo By Orly 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Set

Again, this was before Project 10 Pan so don't judge me!! I picked this up during a Shopper Point Redemption Event at the beginning of October and never got around to telling you about it! Also, I know it's customary to do swatches of nail polish if I'm going to show a haul, but with 18 colours...I can't do that to my hands and nails. I guess I could moisturize like crazy or paint one of each colour on my nails, but honestly, I hate removing polish when it's a perfectly wearable application that could last a week! I feel like I'm almost wasting it...crazy I know since we all know that we could NEVER finish a whole bottle of nail polish in our lifetime!

Anyway, when I saw this 18 piece number, I could not have squealed more! I didn't know that Quo had nail polish and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was by Orly. With any type of palette or nail polish gift set, there are always colours that won't get as much use as others, but with this palette, I truly thought ALL of the colours were beautiful! 

So, you can see that the bottle size is fairly close to the mini OPI polish size and obviously quite  bit smaller than a full-size China Glaze bottle. All in all, I thought this was a great way to sample this new line of polishes and for $32, I couldn't complain!


  1. I was really impressed when I saw this set too! Although for me it was $39 + tax, and felt that because of the size of the bottles, that I didn't want to pay that much for it. Gah! It is so beautiful!! I love the colours in it.

  2. I was lucky that I managed to catch this set while it was on sale! I thought about buying the regular sized polishes on their own, but it was like OPI pricing...