December Luxe Box


Today my Luxe Box unexpectedly arrived much like my Glymm Box and I have to say that after reading such negative comments on the Loose Button FB page I was really rooting for them because I felt some of the comments were just downright rude and incredibly greedy-sounding and juvenile. One person even complained about how difficult it was to "unwrap her chocolate-covered coin"! I mean, seriously?! If I were in Loose Button customer service I would lose it. Anyway, onward to the part everyone cares about, the unboxing!

Perfumes out of the packages
The items I received were:

Moroccanoil - Luminous Hairspray (Full size 300mL for $24) 
Moroccanoil - Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner (Full size 240mL for $22 and $21 respectively) 
Paco Rabanne Perfume in Lady Million (Ladies) and 1 Million (Mens) (Full size 50mL for $80 and $58 respectively) 
Yves Rocher - 24H Vitality Anti-Fatigue Skin Care (Full size 50mL for $52)
NYX - Slim Eye Pencil (Full size 1g for $4) 

Moroccanoil Hairspray- 75mL = $6
Moroccanoil  Shampoo and Conditioner - 240mL = $6.42 + $6.13 = $12.55
Paco Rabanne  - 1.2mL = $1.92 + $1.39 = $3.31
Yves Rocher - 15mL = $15.60
NYX  - $4 (Full size given!)
Total Value of Luxe Box = $41.46

So, I'm supposed to say I loved it right? You know what, the expired Moroccanoil debacle didn't make me THAT mad because it's not like it was going to harm me in any way. It's not like with food or medication where expiry dates DO matter because you can either get sick or the efficacy of medicinal ingredients decreases. And, it was a styling cream to be used on hair which is dead anyway so getting the hairspray and shampoo and conditioner set was more than a welcome surprise. All three samples were very good sizes, not like the shampoo samples that come in those plastic "rip" packets which are 2 uses at the most and so hard to open in the shower with wet hands!!

The Paco Rabanne perfume was one that I was curious about as other Luxers received it last month. I sprayed the male version on my boyfriend and to me it smelled musky, but in a more fruity way. He said it wasn't really for him though...he's used to something more manly. As for sample size, yes, these samples were half-filled (optimist!) like the Nina Ricci samples other Luxers received, but how is that Loose Button's fault? My perfumes were in a sealed package which probably means Loose Button weren't the ones filling the perfume vials... This was another rampant complaint about this month's box which I found to be a bit petty...

The NYX eye pencil, well, it's not the best one out there that's for sure. It doesn't glide on very easily and I do find that it's the type of pencil that tends to tug a little at your eyelid. There are other NYX eye pencils that do a much better job, but a basic black eyeliner will always come in handy.

I'm actually an active user of the Yves Rocher anti-fatigue line and I already own the full size version of the sample provided which I had to order online and pay shipping for so an extra tube is more than welcome. Yves Rocher things often go on sale and once you order from them, they ALWAYS give you perks so you never have to pay the full retail price.

All in all, I was actually happy with my Luxe Box. I too also expected the Morrocanoil samples to be in addition to my actual Luxe Box, but I'm not going to complain about it now. I'm pleased with everything as is and although the last 2 months of Luxe Boxes were better, I'm still going to say thank you and stick to my subscription!


  1. That is so sad how people can complain about the littlest thing... trouble unwrapping foil? Seriously?!!? Yeesh. Anyhoo, this was a lovely post and thank you for sharing! :D

  2. Thanks for your positive review, it was refreshing. I liked the idea that someone on facebook offered about donated to a women's shelter. I wonder if current and future companies that use facebook check out the facebook page. Hopefully the negativity won't influence them to stop using loose buttons.

  3. I saw that someone suggested the donation idea which is great. I thought there was a little too much negativity going on regarding this Luxe box.
    I'm happy that some people decided to act like grownups!