Zoya's Gloria Swatch

Hello bunnies!

This is the third time I have changed my nail colour this week, which is an indication of how studying for my final is affecting me. I've been so restless and panicked that I feel like my nail polish colour is the ONLY thing I can really control. Boy, does it ever feel good though to neatly paint a nail...it just calms me right down...could be the fumes too, but the action in itself is quite satisfying.

Anyway, the colour I have for you is my very first Zoya polish and it caught my eye because from what I've seen, Zoya does an amazing opaque glittery polish. The colour I picked out is called Gloria and went on beautifully. I just have on 2 coats and a coat of Seche Vite and the formula was just so smooth! Gloria also looks like it has a gold-like shimmer to it in addition to the red which just seemed to bring in more warmth to the colour. It's so pretty that I didn't want to add any nail art...for now...

Without flash
With flash
Anyone else love Zoya? I can't wait to try out their other glitters!


  1. That is a gorgeous color! I have my ups and downs with Zoya, but the last one I got I love!

  2. This is so lovely!!!

  3. @Polish and Charms - I've only really been attracted to their glitter shades so far...their more "normal" colours don't really interest me all that much...but glad to hear you love them too!

    @Ashesela - I really fell in love with the colour too!

    @Aleeza A - Thanks! I thought it was so festive!