Crazy Cat Corner

I used to have three kitty babies, Yoshi, Snow and Silver, but Silver lives with my mom now since three cats is a lot to take care of and I feel like two cats is ok, but that third one classifies you as a "crazy cat lady". It all worked out though because Silver has never liked being with other cats and is loving getting all the attention :-) This is my FAVOURITE picture of him because he LOOKS like an angel, but he's really a bit of a jerk! A friend of mine titled this picture: Fluffy - Destroyer of Worlds. 

He's 15 years old, so an old bugger, but he's still just as pretty as ever! 


  1. He is sooo fuzzy!! Beautiful eyes on that one. ^_^

  2. So pretty! I have a female kitty like that (mean), but I love her, she's my fur baby!

  3. @Ashesela - Eyes that look into your soul...
    @Polish and Charms - Silver is quite mean too! He used to bully the other two cats by chasing them, eating their food and just start fights for no reason! Do you have pics of your fur baby on your blog? As you can tell, I LOVE cats!