Makeup Pick Monday - Ben Nye Royal Purple Mascara

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I bring to you a mascara that has a fairly good punch of colour, that's a lot more affordable than a Dior mascara, which has so far been the only other coloured mascara that even shows up on my lashes. This is Ben Nye's Royal Purple Mascara which I picked up at IMATS this past summer for around $8. From what I've seen, the pricing online is fairly similar.

I've purchased plenty of coloured mascaras only to find that they just never show up on my dark lashes and while I loved the Dior mascara, $28 for a mascara I don't use every day is something I couldn't justify. I have to admit that although I do love the colour, when I'm in more ambient light, it looks like I'm just wearing normal black mascara. It's only when I'm outside or in fluorescent lighting that the purple is quite obvious. One thing I really like is that the formula is quite "moist" and free of clumps and hasn't shown any signs of drying out like what I have experienced with other mascara formulas. I should also add that for me, this mascara is solely used for colour and not for lengthening or volumizing. I usually use my Lancome Doll Lashes mascara first, followed by Royal Purple.

I actually wear coloured mascara about once a week with brown or purple eyeshadow. It just makes things more interesting especially in a work environment that's fairly business-like. It's like a small way of rebelling in addition to the fun nails ;-) I haven't gotten any complaints so I guess as long as the rest of me is work appropriate, I'm in the clear! Has anyone else tried any other Ben Nye products?  

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