F21 Love and Beauty Nail Polish Splurge

Hello! So, Forever 21 had a 30% off beauty and accessories sale last week and I grabbed a few of the Love and Beauty nail polishes which I've been pleasantly surprised with for the price. With the 30% off, each bottle ended up being $2.66 so I had to really whittle down the 20 or so nail polishes I had in my shopping cart! It's getting hard now to remember what colours I already own and I really hate finding that I have dupes in my collection...

I am most excited about trying out the jade and glitter polishes! I've been looking for a really good turquoise/green so this looks like it might be the one! If you haven't had a chance to try Forever 21's nail polishes, I'd totally recommend it because I've had nothing but a positive experience with them. Anyway, just thought I'd share and I just love how cute they all look lined up like little soldiers ;-)


  1. ... good god woman, r u sure that nail polish counter is still 2-digit?

  2. Yes, I have now updated the nail polish counter...it's now in the triple digits...so many colours out there! Must have them all!