Makeup Pick Monday - Lise Watier Eye Glitter Liner

Now that the Christmas season is here, I'm sure I'm not the only glitter lover that is taking full advantage of incorporating glitter into my everyday makeup routine, whether it'd be in nail polish, lip gloss or eyeshadow. My go-to eyeliner for the week has been Lise Watier's Eye Glitter Liner is Smokey Gold ($18). Actually, I constantly sneak this in throughout the year, but now I wear it all the time guilt-free! It has a similar skinny applicator brush to the liquid eyeliner I reviewed from last week making glitter application relatively simple and precise. 

My camera just never wants to focus on the super skinny brush! 

This is probably one of my favourite glitter eyeliner colours because I usually wear mostly brown  eyeshadows so gold glitter is always a nice way to punch up otherwise neutral-looking eyes. The other day, a client at work told me that she couldn't quite focus on what I was telling her because she was distracted by the glitter on my eyes! The colour payout is good although you will probably have to re-line your eyes a few times since there can only be so much glitter on a brush that thin. Overall, this is another product that I'd always like to have in my makeup collection because I can use it all year and spruces up any neutral eye makeup I have on!


  1. Lovely eyeliner! Sparkles are wonderful. ^-^

  2. Don't sparkles brighten up your day?!