L'Occitane Christmas Haul

This past Monday, I was having the most awful day with stress from work while trying to get assignments done for school. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. My boyfriend was nice enough to come and visit me on his way back from work where he found me wandering L'Occitane and told me that even though I was on Project 10 Pan, I was allowed to treat myself a little...yayyyy!

I actually got a few Christmas gifts for others as well, but I want talk about/show them because then they won't be a surprise! For myself, I picked up the last pot of the limited edition Ultra Rich Body Cream in Hibiscus Flower ($28) and a pack of Revitalizing Effervescent Sugar Cubes ($18). Of course, I ended up spending more than $85 which led to...ANOTHER GIFT WITH PURCHASE!! As you can see further on, I was pretty impressed with what was included!

In addition to the gift with purchase, I also received a sample of shampoo and Rose scented body milk. Now, to my favourite part - the gift!

Christmas seal!!!

Here is what was inside from L to R:

Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam - 50ml
Immortelle Precious Cream - 3ml
Immortelle Precious Night Cream - 3ml
Amande Shower Oil - 35ml
5% Shea Ultra Rich Shower Cream - 75ml
20% Shea Hand Cream for Dry Skin - 10ml
Rose Velvet Hand Cream - 10ml
Divine Extract Youth Serum - 1ml
Divine Cream Ultimate Complete Care - 1ml

I couldn't even fit everything properly in the box! I was really impressed with the sample sizes of what was given and felt that I could really a good idea of whether I liked a product. I was so happy to get the last body cream in my new favourite scent (sooo good!) found the sugar cubes to have a very soothing scent when dissolved in the bath (mint, pine and rosemary). A great way to end a busy work day. I should also add that not one of these products has parabens in it! It's funny how we often like the gifts we get even more than what we actually bought as I believe this was the case with me! Thankfully, my day did get better and hopefully I won't need to splurge again... 


  1. Looks like a great haul! Maybe it's just my browser, but I can't figure out how to follow you!

  2. Oh really? I just have the "Follow" link at the very top of the screen...I'm using Chrome if that helps at all...

  3. I've got to get around to trying L'Occitane one day. :) Their packaging is always so pretty and classic!

  4. @Wendy - It's funny, but the moment I bought my first L'Occitane product this year, I immediately felt all grown-up! They really DO have some great products even though one shopping trip there can put a serious dent in my wallet...