Winners Haul

Okay, let me just start by saying that I've actually had a couple of things stored up BEFORE I even started Project 10 Pan so I didn't break the rules!! Anyway, as it got closer to Christmas the Winners in my area started getting more and more gift sets which I love and am a huge sap for. This is EXTREMELY difficult to resist now that I'm on Project 10 Pan :-(

With Winners, it's always hit and miss, but when you get a hit, it's AMAZING! Whenever I find an untampered  product without fingerprints, it's so exciting! What I managed to grab was Bliss Take Away Spa Day ($24.99!) gift set and Love That White Smile Tooth and Lip Gloss ($9.99!).

I've really been enjoying the whitening pen that I covered in another blog post so when I saw the tooth and lip gloss on sale, I knew that I had to have it. The tooth gloss is essentially like the whitening pen, but tasted a lot better! It had a really fresh, minty taste that I liked. The lip gloss is  a pearly white lip gloss with the same fresh, minty taste and smell and is supposed to really make those pearly whites look white! Both have mirrors on the sides of the tubes and both have LED lights in the cap :-) 

Brush applicator
Wand applicator

I've always loved the smell of Bliss products because they always seem to combine the savory with the sweet. I generally love the smell of anything citrus or "Cake-like", but subtle is nice too and that's how I feel about Lemon and Sage Body Butter in this gift set. The scent is so soft that I felt more relaxed just sniffing it. The combination of lemon and sage is actually quite appetizing to the senses and the body butter left my skin feeling hydrated instead of greasy. 

I'm really excited to try the other products in this gift set, but the only product that I'm sort of iffy about is the face wash because it has parabens in it...Bliss has always advertised paraben-free moisturizers, such as the one in this gift set, so I figured I didn't have to worry. I'm still on the fence as to whether I want to cut out ALL paraben-containing products or risk a few, but I think if I can cut at least ONE bad thing out, then that's one less thing to give me cancer right? 


  1. I understand your paraben woes. After reading 'Not Just a Pretty Face' I was like "woah" and purged a lot of my things. Sadly it hasn't really lasted, but keep up the good work!! :D

    That Bliss set looks really nice and that tooth and lip gloss is pretty cool!

  2. OMG. now I'm going to have to read that book!