#BusyGirlNails | Week 3: Oxblood

This was by far one of the most complicated tape manicures I have ever attempted as demonstrated by my Instagram post last night! I was using tweezers to apply the striping tape and I almost gave up as it was getting late, but I was so determined to make it work! For this week’s BusyGirlNails mani, the theme is “Oxblood” so chose China Glaze – Velvet Bow, which ended up being too watery and ended up bleeding quite a fair bit…I will have to attempt this with a polish of thicker consistency. My intention was to make my nails look like leaves for Fall, so I hope I managed to get that visual across!


I started with two coats of Revlon – Gold Coin and then proceeded with the 7 pieces of striping tape per nail to create my “leaf" effect.




See you next week for “Orange”!

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