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Ever since I decided to actually get married in August, my kitty cat ears have been listening for any product that promises to make your makeup last longer. And yes, I’ve basically been putting together a wedding in the timespan of about 2 months! I had placed an order with one of my favourite Canadian makeup companies, Pandora’s Makeup Box, and there was a backordered lipstick in my order that took a few weeks to arrive. Susan Kirsch, the founder, graciously added one of her latest creations to my order for the wait which turned out to be a staple for me!

Butter My Lips is a lip primer that is designed to be the ideal base to hold your lipstick in place. Most of us are familiar with this concept and to be honest I didn’t really give it a whole lot of thought because lip primers that I have tried in the past have left my lips feeling very dry or felt too cakey. This certainly isn’t the case with Butter My Lips as you can see in the product description from the Pandora’s Makeup Box site below!


I’ve never been quoted before so I just thought it would be fun to share!




Price: $9.00 CDN (currently only available online)

Packaging: Environmentally-friendly solid patterned cardboard with the characteristic crystal on the cap. Twist up mechanism.

Scent: Vanilla

Formula: This is where Butter My Lips impressed me. Firstly, the finish is clear and almost feels like a toned down version of a lip balm. It glides on just as easily and actually primes them with a hint of moisture, but without the greasiness or oiliness. The surface of your lips is left soft, yet dry to the touch. Now, you’re ready for lipstick!

Final Verdict: What I have noticed is that every morning for the last 1.5 months, I have been unconsciously reaching for Butter My Lips and making it a part of my morning makeup routine. Now, this won’t stop your lipstick from coming off completely when you eat or drink, but it will definitely keep a good chunk of the colour locked in place! What I’ve been finding is that during my work day, I just have to “top off” my lips with some clear gloss because my actual lipstick colour is still there! My work environment is very drying so as nice as it is to have a nice oily, hydrating lip colour, the reality is that it just doesn’t last even if all I’m doing is talking/breathing. What I love about Butter My Lips is that I still get that hint of hydration to make my lips feel comfortable, but a lip surface that’s primed and ready to last the day!


This post contains a PR product sent to me as part of an order that I made with my own money. All opinions are of course my own!

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