#BusyGirlNails | Week 4–Orange

I have only done water marbling one other time in my life and that was last year during the 31DNC and really didn’t see the need to do it again as it took so long and can be quite messy! Being that it is Halloween today, I must have been possessed by the water marbling demon as I woke KNOWING that this was my nail destiny for today! I started off my painting my nails two coats of Zoya-Arizona, followed by marbling with NOPI – Totally in the Dark and Zoya-Arizona. I added on some dots for good measure as I did not use enough colours to make this mani really stand out. I feel like I should have added one more colour, but I didn’t want to ruin the Halloween theme.



I was marbling for about 2 hours and had to leave the apartment because I was starting to feel ill from all of the fumes! I’m pleased with the results though and I look forward to water marbling next year ;-)

See you all next week for the final week of the challenge!

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