Topbox | October Cosmetics Magazine Edition

When I saw that Topbox had an upgrade available for October with a Shiseido product in it, I don’t think I even hesitated to type in my credit card number to authorize the upgrade as I believed that the additional $5 (Topbox is normally $12) was well worth the upgrade considering what I would be receiving! The size of the Topbox was very tall, similar in size to the Chatelaine Topbox and also included a Cosmetics magazine.


Shiseido | Hydro Balancing SoftenerDSC_0356

A dual action hydrating and exfoliating lotion that transforms the skin’s texture in an instant. Improves clarity, radiance and moisture retention.

Thoughts: Oooooh, this is what I was waiting for! I have been slowing introducing Shiseido into my life as I hear so many wonderful things about their products! If this product had been a toner, I probably would not have gone for the upgrade as I feel like most toners are too similar for me to notice any real difference between them.

Full size: 75mL/$18.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Biotherm | Blue TherapyDSC_0357

Only 20% of signs of aging are inevitable…80% can be visibly reduced.

Thoughts: Another product I have been wanting to try along with the Blue Therapy serum! I was very pleased that this was part of the Topbox upgrade!

Full size: 15mL/$25.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Bioderma | Sebium GlobalDSC_0359

Restore the balance of your skin with the Bioderma Sebium Global, an intense purifying dermatological treatment for acne-prone skin with severe blemishes.

Thoughts: Another great brand that I trust and even though I’ve only tried the Sensibio line, I have always been curious to try the Sebium line.

Full size: 30mL/$18.00

I received: 5mL/$3.00


Specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.

Thoughts: Another product I have been so curious to try! I see this at the drug store all the time, but never really was motivated enough to pick it up to try. Again, I’ve heard some really great things about Bio-Oil so I look forward to trying it! And a full size to try too!

Full size: 60mL/$12.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Live Clean | Fresh Face Refreshing Facial WipesDSC_0361

Refreshing, gentle and cleansing your skin of impurities, excess oil and makeup. Alcohol and oil-free, it is infused with protective vitamin C while aloe vera and cucumber reveal your skin’s natural glow.

Thoughts: I totally forgot that these would be included and I was delighted! I love facial wipes and I am always on the lookout for my next favourite kind :-)

Full size: 30 wipes/$10.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Garnier | Dark Spot Treatment MaskDSC_0362

Inside each of our sachets is a soft facial tissue mask which has been soaked in moisturizing serum along with gentle and radiance-boosting actives.

Thoughts: Yayy! More masks! I actually tried this the other night and the mask had a much better fit than a lot of other Asian face masks I have tried. The actual essence was moisturizing, but burned my eyes a little Crying face

Full size: 6 masks/$16.00

I received: 1 mask/$2.67

Bio Beaute by Nuxe | Cleansing Milk with Orange WaterDSC_0363

With its effective, ultra soft, botanical origin surfactants (cotton oil), this certified organic cleansing milk removes all types of makeup even the most stubborn from the face and eyes.

Thoughts: I have seen this new line by Nuxe in Shoppers, but haven’t seen the need to try it out yet so this little sample is a good start. I know we don’t normally like these sample packets, but there have been enough items in this Topbox that have made me not mind QUITE as much.

Full size: 200mL/$26.00

I received: 7mL/$0.91

Bio Beaute by Nuxe | Toning Exfoliant with Redcurrent PlumDSC_0364

For an essential new skin experience, toning exfoliant with red currant pulp refines and smoothes the skin texture with natural apricot seeds.

Thoughts: A toner that is ALSO an exfoliant? Interesting…

Full size: 150mL/$25.00

I received: 4mL/$0.67


I’m not really going to include these in my calculations as there is only about 1mL in each little sample, but also included was the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect BB Cream and the Texture Perfector.

Total Value of October Cosmetics Topbox: $72.25!

Pretty great value for $17 right? Overall I am very pleased as there is only one product that I have ever tried before and everything else is new so here’s to trying new things!

 Did anyone else decide to upgrade to this Topbox or any of the others?

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