GIFT IDEA | “Celebrate” the Holidays with Golden Goodies from LUSH!

The holidays and New Year’s are NON-STOP when it comes to being in a celebratory mood. Whether we are celebrating Christmas, time with friends and family or Sephora’s latest sale, the festivities are never-ending and sooner or later the clinking of glasses brings us all closer together. Whatever your alcoholic vice may be (like a classic girl, I love anything fizzy and fruity), Lush has the perfect package for bringing some of those holiday festivities into the tub with the Golden Wonder Gift Set* ($19.95 CDN) which contains: the holiday favourite Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion, Gold FUN and the newest and most AMAZING bath bomb, the Golden Wonder!

Lush Golden Wonder Gift Set

Lush Golden Wonder Gift Set (5)

Lush Golden Wonder Gift Set (4)

At just $19.95 CDN, the Golden Wonder Gift Set comes beautifully wrapped with gold paper and a star-embossed ribbon that “spills” stars as the bow comes undone. On the bottom of the box, in perfect Lush fashion, are the “made by”, “made on” and “use by” dates. Based on how everything is smelling, these will all be used by the time 2014 is over.


Lush Golden Wonder Gift Set (2)

For anyone that has smelled/used/loved the Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion, you know that it is up there with Snow Fairy, in terms of Lush holiday must-haves! This citrus and cognac concoction will have anyone sighing with content especially after coming out of a mermaid-coloured bath (see Golden Wonder demo) smelling of the same heavenly cocktail scent!

Don’t feel like having a bath? Just for “FUN”, why not add some golden sparkle to your shower with some limited edition Gold FUN scented with the best-selling “Honey, I Washed the Kids” fragrance that can be used as soap, shampoo and bubble bath. Just make sure you have a little bit of fun first and make a fun shape before going back to being an adult. Warning, the colour does get a little messy in the tub and on your body. It does wash off, but your tub might need a quick hosedown afterwards!

What are your favourite drinks to celebrate the holidays with?

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