Mary Kay Little Gifts Holiday Scents | Hand Cream and Lip Balm Set

I know that some of you may have seen the Mary Kay Little Gifts Hand Creams ($13 CDN) in Vanilla Berry* and Vanilla Mint* back in the summer, but I was NOT ready to talk about holiday scents until at least Daylight Savings. I mean, come on! That being said, it is now officially the beginning of December and I finally feel like it’s acceptable to use holiday-scented products. For you Satin Hands fans, these two hand creams are identical in formula with the only difference being scent. Why reformulate something that already works, right?

Mary Kay Little Gifts Hand Cream in Vanilla Mint and Vanilla Berry

My favourite of these two scents is definitely the Vanilla Mint! I tend to favour mint because it just smells so refreshing, but that’s not to say the Vanilla Berry isn’t good. Vanilla Berry is lightly berry-scented so you can still pick up the hints of vanilla.

Mary Kay Little Gifts Hand Cream in Vanilla Mint and Vanilla Berry (2)

Mary Kay Little Gifts Hand Cream in Vanilla Mint and Vanilla Berry (3)

 The description says “moisturizes hands for 24 hours”, but I don’t know if I would ever be able to put that claim to the test. There is petrolatum in the hand cream which means that it will withstand a couple of hand washes before you need to moisturize again. It absorbs into the skin within seconds and I actually feel like I’ve just put on a suit of armour.  

Mary Kay Little Gifts Lip Balm

I am a huge lip balm person and even though I know I have more than I could ever use in multiple lifetimes, I still open new ones. Especially if they are vanilla and mint-scented! The Little Gifts Lip Balm Set* ($20 CDN for 3) includes the scents: Vanilla, Vanilla Mint and Vanilla Berry with my favourites being the first two. There is something soothing about a plain vanilla lip balm (Lipsmacker memories) with no bells and whistles.

Mary Kay Lip Balm Swatch

I know this may not agree with everyone, but I love Vaseline on my lips. Sometimes I just want the moisture barrier especially when my lips need healing from dryness or my main reason – itchiness from stress. That being said, the consistencies of these lip balms are thick and make my lips feel like they are encapsulated because of the petrolatum and mineral oil in the formulation. Mineral oil at the cosmetic level is completely safe and inert because it has been purified, but I know some people would rather avoid this ingredient all together.

What holiday traditions have you started now that it’s December?

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