GIFT IDEA | Your Neighbourhood Nail Addict Will Love the MICRO Nail

I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of filing my nails. I love the process of painting, but any prep work is less than appealing to me. I have tons of those 4-in-1 buffers that guarantee smooth and shiny nails, but do you think I enjoy using them? Not really. I’ll buff my nails if there are some serious ridges, but other than that, I can’t be bothered.

Remember how much I raved about the MICRO Pedi in the summer (review)? Say hello to the MICRO Nail ($59.99 CDN)*, an electric nail polisher that buffs and shines your nails in literally seconds! Each MICRO Nail comes with two patented rollers: the MICRO Smooth and the MICRO Shine rotating 360 degrees and up to 1800 times/minute.

Micro Nail (4)

Micro Nail

Like the MICRO Pedi, the MICRO Nail is battery-operated (2 AAs).

Micro Nail (2)

The MICRO Smooth roller buffs away ridges and gives the nail a smoother and more even appearance.  I tend to get some crazy ridges on my thumb and once buffed, nail polish application looks so much more even. This machine rotates FAST, so I never leave the roller buffing in the same spot for more than a split second because your nail bed will hurt from the heat generated by the MICRO Nail’s rotations. Buffing both hands doesn’t take more than 15-20 seconds! I have no excuses now to have perfectly buffed nails.

Micro Nail (3)

The MICRO Shine roller (white roller shown in first photo) is what provides your nails with that irresistible shine. When I was kid, I was obsessed with the white side of the buffer. I rarely leave my nails naked, so I usually just buff out the ridges and stop there. I DID use the MICRO Shine roller on my husband who even complained that his nails were TOO shiny which I will take as a good sign. This process took another 15 seconds so in under a minute, you have smooth and naturally shiny nails!

Final Verdict: As for performance, the MICRO Nail does work and it works FAST, but at the regular price of $60, the MICRO Nail is the luxe version of your $5 buffing block. If you don’t mind the few extra minutes you need with the $5 version, just stick with that because unlike the MICRO Pedi, the amount of time taken to get smooth feet with a file or pumice stone is A LOT longer and a bit more troublesome (bending over/balancing on one foot in the shower). On the other hand, this is actually a great tool for buffing toe nails as it saves me all that back pain! I hate painting my toes, so a lot of the time I just want them to look healthy.

Don’t get me wrong, the MICRO Nail is very convenient and fast, but it is quite pricey for a tool that can give you the same results as a much cheaper buffing block.  The nail aficionado will probably be THE person to truly understand the value of a product like this so if you have a nail lover in your life, the MICRO Nail might be the perfect stocking stuffer!

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, and The Shopping Channel.

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