MAKE UP FOR EVER | Artist Shadows in M-106, ME-910 & S-234 Swatches and Makeup Look

In celebration of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s 30th anniversary this year, MUFE released the new Artist Shadow range with a whopping 210 shades consisting of matte, satin, metal, iridescent and diamond finishes. I tried to pick out some “neutrals” and I think I was staring at the display for 45 minutes. Each shadow can either be purchased as a single ($25 CDN), duo ($39 CDN) or trio ($50 CDN). I hope I don’t end up owing even close to all 210 shades, but with the wide variety of shades and finishes the temptation can be overwhelming!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadows

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadows

The Artist Shadow Palette Case ($1 CDN)* has a magnetically-anchored pan for easy “potting” and has a little hole in the back of each pan for easy “de-potting” *SWOON*. I love it.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadows Swatches

I was feeling “like a peacock” the day I chose these shades (Gerry of PBunnieP can vouch for me!) and went home with a matte dark grey (M-106)*, metallic bubblegum pink (ME-910)* and satin bright teal (S-234)*. I tried to use all three shades in a makeup look, but it WAS NOT working very well so here are 2/3 of the colours!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadows Makeup Look

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadows Makeup Look (2)


MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadows Makeup Look (3)



  • apply matte grey shade M-106 all over lid
  • apply pink shade ME-910 on top of grey (I love the resulting purple-tone!)
    • slowly build and blend the pink to intensity you desire using a patting motion
    • blend upwards to brow bone with fluffy brush
  • apply matte grey shade to lower lash line and smoke out with pencil brush
  • line lower waterline with Aqua Eyes in 0L (review)
  • line upper lash line with black liquid liner
  • apply MUFE Holodiam Powder #302 (review) along upper lash line with small angled brush
  • finish with a coat of MUFE Smoky Extravagant Mascara (review)


Final Verdict: The three Artist Shadows I have all swatched and applied beautifully. Colour payoff was what I would expect for a $25 eyeshadow, but I expect that there might be some other finishes that may have either more fall-out or aren’t quite as pigmented. Such is the way of eyeshadows, but these Artist Shadows are definitely worth a palette or two. Especially for core colours that you will use all the time. I picked up a trio of neutrals that I will share later, but it was worth every dollar!

Do you feel like a peacock sometimes?

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