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Let the season of indulgence continue! I never did stockings growing up, but now that I have seen what marvellous things go INTO stockings, I knew this was a tradition that needed to happen ASAP once I moved out on my own. This holiday season, Mary Kay came out with a number of stocking stuffer-friendly options so perhaps you found the limited edition Winter Wishes Shimmeriffic Shower Gel and Body Lotion Set*($27.00CDN) in your stocking or under the tree this year?

Mary Kay Winter Wishes

Mary Kay Winter Wishes (5)

Mary Kay Winter Wishes Shimmeriffic Shower Gel and Body Lotion

The Winter Wishes duo is both fruity and floral with scents of snow apple, jasmine petals and musk. If it weren’t for that snow apple, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle the scent. I’m still getting into florals and like a child, I need to be spoon-fed the scent in small amounts.

Mary Kay Winter Wishes Shimmeriffic Shower Gel

Mary Kay Winter Wishes (2)

The Shimmeriffic Shower Gel is exactly that. Shimmeriffic with copper glitter suspended in a clear gel base. It’s your standard shower gel with the glitter hanging around only for the length of your shower.

Mary Kay Winter Wishes Shimmeriffic  Body Lotion

Mary Kay Winter Wishes (4)

Mary Kay Winter Wishes (3)

The Shimmeriffic Body Lotion leaves behind a trail of glitter and unfortunately is a bit strong in scent for me. It is the same scent as the shower gel, but I’m just not sure I can tolerate it in body lotion form. As a moisturizer, it is lightly hydrating and absorbs quickly. I feel like this duo is suited for a more mature noses, but the glitter aspect is fun for the holidays and the holiday-themed collector’s tin is perfect for storing Christmas cookies!

Mary Kay Winter Wishes Eau de Toilette Roll-On

For some reason, the Winter Wishes Eau de Toilette* ($25.00 CDN) smells better to me than the body lotion. The musk is more prominent and reminds me of a cozy winter fragrance. At first I thought this roll-on would be rolling out glitter as well because the bottle looked pink and frosty, but it is JUST the bottle. I also love the the fact that this was a gift that could have been hung on the tree as well!

Mary Kay at Play Hail to the Nails Trio

Ohhh, now these guys are my favourite. Nail polish should ALWAYS be a stocking stuffer! The Mary Kay at Play Hail to the Nails* ($18.00 CDN) isn’t your typical set of holiday colours with a bold fuchsia and dark blue that will take your nails right through to summer. Wear the silver glitter layered over either the pink or blue for a bright, glam look or wear all three together!

What did you receive in your stockings this year?

To purchase any of these items please contact your Mary Kay representative or head on over to www.marykay.ca

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