NAIL POLISH | Doctor Lacquer Silent as the Night

I picked up this polish last year, but never got the chance to wear it as is always the case for a nail polish enthusiast. Doctor Lacquer’s Silent as the Night is one of the prettiest, but strangest formulations I have used. First of all, my swatch looks much more translucent or jelly-like than some of the more midnight blue swatches floating around on the web. I am wearing 3 coats below with a TON of glitter fishing. I turned the bottle upside down, shook it around and yet I had to eventually pour out the polish to be able to hand-place the large pink circle and snowflake glitter pieces. BUMMER.

Doctor Lacquer Silent as the Night

Doctor Lacquer Silent as the Night (2)

The formulation for my particular bottle was VERY watery. Even in the bottle, it looks almost like blue water just swishing back and forth. This a great jelly sandwich polish though I had so much trouble with it, I probably won’t be using it again.

Doctor Lacquer Silent as the Night (3)

Still, this polish looks super cool and unique which is what I have always loved about Doctor Lacquers. I have a TON of polishes that I haven’t worn from this company so as we head into 2015, I’ll go back to my first love: NAIL POLISH.

Are you just as ready as I am for 2015 to start?

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