Makeup Look | Get Holiday Glam with Guerlain’s New Petrouchka Palette!

This holiday season, spoil yourself just a little with Guerlain’s Petrouchka Eye and Blush Palette ($95 CDN)* or put it right at the top of your Christmas list at least! Sure this palette screams “holiday” with it’s gold and red packaging, but the eyeshadows and blushes inside are perfectly paired for anytime of the year.

Guerlain Holiday Makeup Look

Guerlain Petrouchka Palette (6)

Guerlain Petrouchka Palette

The palette comes with a velvet case and is wrapped with a stretchy red band that can be used as either a bracelet or hair tie. The palette itself fits right into the palm of my hand making it very purse-friendly.

Guerlain Petrouchka Palette (3)

Inside the case, is a double-ended eyeshadow applicator and a contour/blush brush. The eyeshadow applicator is quite pointed on one end which is something you don’t see very often.

Guerlain Petrouchka Palette (4)

The first layer of the palette is all shimmery brown eyeshadows. A matte would have been nice for contouring or for those who don’t always wear shimmery shadows.

Guerlain Petrouchka Palette (5)

The second layer has four cheek colours: 2 matte sculpting shades and 2 shimmery shades. All are scented with what smells like roses.

Guerlain Petrouchka Palette Swatches Eyes

You can probably tell right away which shades are my favourite! The first three browns are stunningly smooth to the touch and were very pigmented without having to pick up too much product. The last two highlighter shades were a bit harder to work with as the shadows were patchy in application without primer.

Guerlain Petrouchka Palette Swatches Blush

The blushes were fairly pigmented with only the light pink barely showing up on my skin. I find it impressive that there are 4 colours in such a tiny space! The blushes can be difficult to apply as each pan is quite small making it quite tricky to use an actual blush brush. I used the brush included with this palette and it managed to do a decent job.

Now, let’s put everything together! For some reason, I felt like this palette called for BIG lashes which is why I look so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in all of these photos!




DSC_2271 (2)


  • apply middle bronzy-gold shade all over lid and up to brow bone
  • apply iridescent dark brown to outer third of lid and bring down slightly with fluffy brush
  • apply chocolate brown shade to middle of lid with patting motion to keep colour intense
  • use fluffy brush to blend all three colours together
    • reapply chocolate brown shade if necessary
  • apply iridescent brown shade with pencil brush to lower lash line
  • apply either highlight shade to inner corner of eyes
  • line lower waterline with black gel pencil
  • line upper lash line with a thicker than normal cat eye (to prep for BIG lashes)
    • if you’re not into BIG lashes just skip this step and line your eyes however you’d like
  • apply volumizing mascara
  • apply big lashes like these ones from KISS in Flirty (optional)


  • apply coral blush to apples of cheeks
  • apply light shimmery pink blush to tops of cheeks for highlight


  • apply Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer (review coming this week!)

Final verdict: The packaging of this palette is absolutely solid as I would expect from Guerlain. The gold can get fingerprints, but I guess that’s why there is a velvet case for it! The actual eyeshadows have wonderful pigmentation with the exception of the highlight shades that are a little better when used with primer. Blushes were very pigmented with the highlight shade being the only “meh”.

This is Guerlain so I won’t talk about price vs. amount of product in palette because this is a luxury product. You won’t be able to justify this purchase based on that. If you’re a starving student, please let someone with plenty of disposable income get this for you. This is what I consider a “collector’s piece” when it comes to the world of makeup. You will have this item for years to come and you will look at its gold packaging longingly every time you use it. It’s an item you will truly treasure and if you like shimmery browns you will find a way to have this palette!

Pick up the Petrouchka Palette at Guerlain boutiques and select Guerlain counters.

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